Just a Summer Thing



  • The sweet song of the ice cream truck
  • Frantically licking an ice cream cone before it drips down your fingers
  • Ants f*cking everywhere, especially wherever people have let said ice cream drip
  • Sudden deluges of rain, gorgeous thundershowers
  • And lightning! Flash boom crackle crackle
  • Counting to see how far away the lightning is
  • Construction season, both your own improvement projects and others’
  • Kids in wee little inflatable pools
  • Watermelon juice dripping down your chin
  • Or peach juice
  • (I don’t like plums)
  • Chewing up to the rind like a dog with a bone to get all the yummy flesh
  • Edging along by houses and walls when you take walks in the heat because they cast shadows and emanate cool
  • Rocking your sunglasses
  • Mosquitoes f*cking everywhere
  • Mosquito bites
  • Struggling to sleep without the sheltering safety of six layers of blankets (who feels protected by ONE SHEET?)
  • Outdoor cats refusing to come in for the night
  • Bare legs sticking to leather and fake leather and plastic seats with sweat
  • The smell of cookouts occurring around the neighborhood
  • That shimmer of heat rising from grills or baking asphalt
  • Chalk left on sidewalks
  • Those popsicle sticks that come in plastic tubes that my Grandmom used to buy us when we were little
  • Neighbors setting off fireworks (got to love that quarter stick of TNT)
  • The feeling of your skin being kissed by AC when you come into a building from the sweltering heat
  • The feeling of the sun beaming down on you when you come outside after freezing in a building with dangerously zealous AC
  • Feeling strangled by any clothes that you put on
  • Exciting fruit in the grocery stores. And vegetables
  • Gentle breezes rippling through summer leaves and the lovely noises
  • The smell on your hands after you touch your tomato plants
  • Music blasting out of open car windows, hearing it from blocks and blocks away
  • Awkward non-beach tans
  • Trying to cool off- freezing showers, shoving your head in a bucket of cold water (works best with long hair to hold the water), a cool wash cloth
  • The whirring of fans
  • Swan boats and duck boats in Boston
  • The smell of summer rain (petrichor)
  • The pain of subjecting your legs to long pants on a cooler day- so irritating!
  • Playing in sprinklers and fountains
  • The pain of cooking with the oven on a hot day
  • Summer blockbusters
  • Summer carnivals and amusement parks and water parks
  • Whale watches
  • When you’re little or very tired (or both) going to bed before it’s even gotten dark out
  • Lemon ices


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