Shopping: Handmade Bookmarks

It’s kind of a necessity for a person like me- you know, someone who tries to get through a book a day and will read in line at the store.
But this day marks the first day I’ve ever had a real, certified bookmark.  It’s a very important rite of passage, having a grown up bookmark (rather than those torn up shreds of waste paper I had been using for years).  It’s even more a rite of passage as the bookmark comes to me as a 21st birthday present. (Happy birthday to me!)
My mom uses postcards from art museums, which is a beautiful idea, but I rather prefer my own. 😉

This is where my bookmark comes from, I have the diamond-petalled flower in a red color.
The shop is based in Bulgaria and they have lots of lovely tatted items. I have my eye on one or two of the jewelry pieces.


More dolls and brooches, but one or two lovely bookmarks. This shop is based in South Korea.


Adorable and inspired bookmarks from this Russian shop. I will warn that many of these are paperclip-based, which can be hard on paper pages.

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