Heyy, I’m back on the ground in Boston! I woke u at 4:30 am in the Charles de Gaulle area and then hopped on a plane and kept doing the plane thing until I got off at Boston Logan around noon (6 pm France time).  I don’t feel tired so much as discombobulated and maybe a bit punchy.  So this is a short list.  As in, I only watched two films while I was in the plane.

  1. The Revenant
    You know, The Revenant was a lot better than I was expecting.  I was expecting 2.5 hours of watching Leo DiCaprio groan, eat raw meet, and be cold.  And that it was, plus a lot of fun other stuff, and it was certainly Oscar-worthy groaning, eating, and chattering/shivering.  Good job, Leo.  And of course in my topsy turvy sleep deprived kind of homesick brain, it also struck me as a bit of a love letter to New England’s desolate and murderous winters. Sigh, home sweet home. (Also, it’s 90s-100s Fahrenheit in Boston right now. Ugh.) 4/5 stars
  2. Midnight Special
    I have to admit that I came at this from a ‘Doesn’t this have Adam Driver in it?’ sort of direction. And then I saw no Adam Driver for a while, figured I was wrong, and settled in with the movie anyway. And then their was an Adam Driver-type bonus maybe 30 minutes in.  But… I didn’t really like this movie.  Beyond wishing dorky Adam Driver’s dorky character had more screen time (Duh), I though the timeline was needlessly skewed and the plot was kind of muddled. But still and interesting fusion of fantasy and reality. 3/5 stars

Bottom Line: If they had filmed Midnight Special in a brutal Northeast winter rather than the Southwest and South, I might have maybe (probably not) given it four stars.
If Adam Driver took Leo DiCaprio’s place in The Revenant, would it have been a Mimsy five star movie? (Um, no, that would be the weirdest thing ever.)

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