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Around 1 pm I got out of my last class for the week and now face the (delightful but slightly  overwhelming) prospect of another three-day weekend in a row.  And only the second of many to come.

This senior thing is great, but while in previous years my strategy has been to go to class and then do coursework at all other times, I’m finding myself well caught up on reading- but it is early yet and I need to hop to memorizing my amino acids.  Regardless, I’m anticipating having a bit more time than I’ve had in previous years, so the question I’m mulling over is the correct way to divide my time.

There’s coursework, necessary steps to take before future life and career goals, relaxation/alone time, relaxation/social time, ballroom practice… and so on.  What I want to avoid is getting sidetracked too often by superficial and ‘mindless’ forms of relaxation: browsing Facebook, listicles, Pinterest, shopping eBay for things I don’t need.  I’d rather set aside time to watch a movie every once in a while, and tuck a few minutes into my day for keeping up with pleasure reading.

How do you find yourself allotting your time?
And though this may be unhelpful for keeping you on track, here’s a collection of links gathered magpie-style from around the internet.  But ones I actually found somehow interesting and/or worthwhile.

  1. Science Pants!! A woman I know at college designs these with her sister.  They use microscopic imaging techniques like Polarized Light Microscopy to create images that they then use as prints for their sustainable athletic and athleisure wear.
  2. I’m here for this.  I’ve frequently started wishing men had more freedom to dress as fantastically as women do.  For a lot of reasons.  But in part I feel that if men were not so shamed for supposedly ‘effeminate’ traits, women in society would be less hated.  That’s my selfish reason.  My other: everyone should get to explore their sartorial identity without fear of being excoriated and ostracized.
  3. Just a normal day at Target.  Well, normal is relative, isn’t it?
  4. The evolution of Stop-Motion animation. I still need to see Kubo!
  5. Girls at Library Mood: Tippi Hedren with lion.


Well, hope those give you enough random happies to get you into the weekend (which has, for me, already begun)!

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