2 Links, 2 Fun


A la Fast and Furious 2: 2 Fast, 2 Furious, I bring to you the second installation of Links for Fun (see the original here).  And just in time for the weekend.  Just interesting things I’ve pulled together from different corners of the web.

Happy Friday!

  • Critic Pete Wells’ review can make or break a restaurant.  Pete Wells Has His Knives Out– and he’s sharpening them.
  • Dick is abundant and low value.  The dickonomics of tinder.
  • Beauty, food, and travel thoughts from this instagram.
  • Bad blood. I kind of walked into the Kimmel-Damon feud a bit late and their whole Emmys bit about Kimmel’s loss (I like them apples) inspired me to play a little catch up.
  • Meet Hari Nef.
  • Told you Zara was different (Read: better) in Paris. Time for a trip to Spain? I’m overdue to visit the grandparents anyway.
  • My dad went to the Russian baths once.
  • What an excellent way to hold a fashion show.
  • Speaking of fashion week, I can’t get over how exuberant this collection is.  Even if everyone is going crazy for the Gucci show.  My favorites: 21, 28, 35, and 38.
  • This French journalist thinks this politician’s choice of name for her daughter is unpatriotic.  The kicker? She’s named after her grandmother.  Islamophobia hitting hard.
  • A hair coloring odyssey.  Which is your favorite on her?  (I personally really like Platinum Part 2- but that might also be my love of her blackberry lipstick in that picture!)
  • Hijabs on the runway at New York Fashion Week! Some pretty amazing looks, no matter your beliefs.
  • The only rule: We don’t talk about Feminist Fight Club.
  • Kendall Jenner has angered the dance community with this video for Vogue Spain.  Remember my rant about dance being a lifestyle and not a trend? Yeah, so I’m still pretty set on that.
    But this is actually giving me some food for thought on the subject of cultural appropriation.  Being unidentifiable mixed white I don’t really have a culture to appropriate.  Dance is kind of as close as it gets.  My feeling aren’t sorted, but I’m having thoughts.
  • I guess I’ll say something about Gucci.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy the browsing.  Other random news: My Pottermore Patronus is a kingfisher (Eh, why not?) and I’m thinking of giving some of my favorite Emmys looks or an update on my favorite fashion documentaries.  But a books post is also pretty overdue.

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