The Links and the Fun 3

Tuesday Edition!
Also I just reached 20 followers (I’m such a cute little baby) and I figured because I missed a post (I had a ballroom competition- that I was running…) I would do a quick extra one today.  And there is nothing easier than a links post, so this thing was born.

  • Would you go to this party?
    I would. In fact, I really want to have a no-small-talk dinner now.
  • WARNING: First debate politics ahead.
    The Mansplaining Olympics (in case you’re missing the Olympics, because I don’t think anyone is missing mansplaining).
  • Tom Hiddleston overcoming his breakup blues the right way.
  • I hate spiders (fun story there) but these are some disco-fabulous arachnids.
  • This is a great tutorial for women looking to achieve a certain style/look:
    Up this week, ‘presidential’.
  • A horticultural history of one of my favorite flowers.
  • Implicit bias among a very important demographic- babies.
    Hills got called out recently for stating that pretty much everyone has implicit bias.  The problem here is that this has been proven to be correct.  Which of course means half the country doesn’t believe it.  The good news: we can teach ourselves to be better.
  • A smoosh-name generator: Rosafaye and Olivanna are two that I’ve gotten. Not super out there.

Well, that was a lot of political thoughts this week, but it’s hard to think of much else when men are explaining why you should feel okay with being handled by the genitalia by some random-non-gynecologist.

And as I once said to myself, if you get a bunch of teens together they’ll either fight or have sex.  Get a bunch of twenty-somethings together and they’ll try to start a revolution. Ah, college.

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