A Fragrant Wishlist

It’s a quiet evening and the school week is winding down for me (bless no-class Fridays)- I’m here in my room with the heat on and a cat, listening to ASMR and playing on Pinterest.  I’m wearing pajama bottoms, a giant T shirt some guy in Boston gave me when I got caught in the rain a few summers ago, and a leather jacket (because the heat is not enough).
Perfume: Botrytis by Ginestet, a delicious sweet autumn apple wine.

And then I started thinking about perfume and decided to do a list of the fragrances I have tried and sampled and want more of, whether that’s another sample or a healthy-sized decant.  And then I went on Facebook Fragrance Friends and discovered (GASP) that my fragrance wish list document is missing.  Let me just say that this document was the pinnacle of my perfume evolution. It’s been mutating since I first got interested in collecting- as I bought and loved or tried and discarded.  Horror of horrors, it had disappeared without a trace.
Thankfully, I had backed up perfumes that had captured my interest on Fragrantica. Whew. Crisis averted.

My university’s Halloween partying starts today, October 26th, and ends next Wednesday, November 2nd.  Isn’t that odd? Halloween at college is odd because everyone is twenty and wants alcohol instead of candy.

And another off topic aside- I’m listening to Summer Wine now, after thinking about Botrytis.

Wish list as follows:

  • Oud Ispahan-Dior
    I ran my decant dry a while ago and it’s really one of the most heartbreaking things ever, to put it hyperbolically.
  • Rose de Nuit- Serge Lutens
    Wish this was part of their export line, it’s simply gorgeous.  I used up a sample some time in high school and have dreamed of it ever since. We had a short rendezvous at the SL shop in Paris and she was just as stunning as I remembered.
  • Muscs Koublai Khan- Serge Lutens
    I love musks. Salty musks included.  It may be the only way I can stand savory fragrances.  The big question here is one of reformulations. I’m afraid of getting some that’s wrong.
  • Bombay Bling!-Neela Vermeire
    I don’t have much fruitiness in my fragrance rotation and even fewer exclamation points (both are zero, actually).  I had a decanted of Enchanted Forest that I passed on to Mom because it wasn’t me.  But I quite liked Bombay Bling! and I want to meet it again (despite their being a mango note? which I’m allergic to?)
  • Kiste-Slumberhouse
    Peach perfumes never seem to turn out right but this heavy syrupy honey one is thick and delicious and perfect.
  • Santal Carmin-Atelier
    Atelier bums me out because they made some pretty nice perfumes and now they introduce new BS every other day.  The stuff’s disappointing and keeping track isn’t worthwhile.  Santa Carmin, however, is an oddly compelling synthetically-clear saffron sandalwood with abysmal staying power. I’m fond of it.
  • Seville A L’Aube- L’Artisan
    Let’s skip over Denise’s purple prose (that formed the inspiration for this scent) and get right to the meet of it: the orange blossom smells kind of rice-y and it’s neat.  I’ve been toggling back and forth on this one for a while (too weird? simply cool?) and a sample would go a good way toward developing my convictions.
  • Amoureuse- DelRae
    This is the fleshiest white floral I’ve ever smelled it’s practically indecent. No more glowing recommendation exists.
  • Tubereuse- Mona di Orio
    Speaking of blackcurrant, this is such an edgy little turpentine green-leaved tart tuberose.
  • Meharees- L’Erbolario
    Or just give me Musc Ravager, but either way I must have one in my life.  So dirty warm spicy scalp yum.
  • Tolu- Ormonde Jayne
    I have a hard time describing this balsam-type scent- it’s completely non Christmas tree because it’s not even exactly sap but more of a waxy warm balm type smell.  Very soft, not so woody (because woody bores me).
  • Jubilation 25 Woman- Amouage
    Image does some good stuff. Not as much of late, but in general you can trust them to put some thought into their releases.  This one is a gorgeous spicy smoky floral. and one of the few times my skin decides to put up with cumin without turning me into a mess.
  • Rubj- Vero Profumo
    Had a tiny sample of this spiced orange blossom once. Loved it. Loved the description over at Now Smell This when they did a review (ravished ballerina) which I don’t really agree with but love.
  • Memoirs of a Trespasser- Imaginary Authors
    Such a gorgeous warm smokefire vanilla.
  • Oudh Osmanthus- Mona di Orio
    Used up my sample of this soft pillowy polite oud beauty.
  • Akkad- Lubin
    Used up my sample of this one too.  Be aware that I’m rather a slave to amber and this is a lovely incense amber where the elem. and saltiness really come through.
  • Grand Bal- Dior
    I will never find a true to life jasmine scent but this is the closest I have gotten even if it has none of the tenacity of the true plant. Sigh.
  • Gingembre- DSH
    What an adorable name for a fragrance.  Fitting. It’s like every type of ginger. Fresh, candied, bread.  Warm and smoky and cuddly, brilliant for fall and winter.
  • Aleksandr- Arquiste
    Yes, I know it’s a man scent and IDGAF because it’s soft and glove-like Cuir de Lancome style suede but a bit cooler because Russia’s like that. With the snow. Then add violets.

2 thoughts on “A Fragrant Wishlist”

  1. Connie, I have a few from your wish list. And am thinking of giving up my Jubilation (she is too overdressed for me) and maybe some more, maybe my Grand Bal (she is too weighty for me ). Let me know if you’re interested.


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