Kenzo x H&M

The launch of Kenzo’s collection with H&M happened today and already the H&M website has crashed and burned, bitten the dust, and kicked the bucket.

I never pay much attention to these collaborations- they’re fun to look at but tend to be overpriced (considering the quality of the clothes) and impossible to find unless you’re willing to go through the frustration of being in the first rush.  Or buying off an eBay super seller.  So as with Lanvin’s and Marni’s collections, I’m happy to look at the pretty but realistically- I’ll be smiling at the website crash. Such schadenfreude.

So if I had much more disposable income than I do and more of a taste for fast fashion, here’s what I would be grabbing:


First, this pajama-looking top.  Love the print and the contrasting piping.


Let’s make it a set with the matching pants!


Don’t we all need an aggressively logo-ed white tee shirt?


Cropped sweaters, what do you think? It’s a pretty impractical and silly garment (warm collar and rib cage, chilly belly?) but the layering opportunities call out to me.


Or we can just go for the full length sweater- my favorite garment type.

So long story short, love this print and the pajamas are my favorite because 1) pajamas and 2) piping.  Feel free to tell me how very boring I am (I mean, I could have picked a lime green zebra print jumpsuit)!

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