Boys in the Bathroom

The title makes this post sound either a lot more sexy or a lot more political than it actually is.  In reality, I’m just interested in venting about the fact that my roommate and I share a two-stall, two-shower restroom with six sophomore boys.

I know, it’s a horror of horrors.
Within the very privileged ivory tower existence that is my life.  The more scary thing is that my professors seem to have come to the conclusion that I can handle three times as much work because we’ve got an extra hour this weekend thanks to daylight savings time.

So what’s wrong with boys in the bathroom you might ask? Or maybe not, because maybe we all know.  It all started pretty comfortably.  We reacted to them being gross by leaving two passive aggressively affectionate/affectionately passive aggressive sticky notes in the bathroom asking them to not throw food in the trash can (food waste will get your bathroom trash can removed) and to put the toilet seats down.  No avail. Maybe we gave up too easily.  Here’s what we’ve been struggling to come to terms with.

  1. Discarded dirty clothes everywhere
  2. Food waste in the bathroom trash can
  3. Someone keeps propping the window open even though it’s around 30 Fahrenheit at night here now
  4. Toilet seats up ALWAYS and a lot of pee on the rim
  5. One or two of them smell pretty funky- maybe haven’t figured out hygiene away from home
  6. Walking into the bathroom and realizing that one of them is in the stall with the door open. Who does that?
  7. One or two of them is tall enough to see over the top of the shower stall. When they’re showering and you walk in they’ll look from over the top to see who it is and then WATCH YOU and it’s so CREEPY
  8. They don’t wash their hands. Like they think we won’t notice if they come out of the stall and then leave and I just want to say “Waait, nooo! Stop!”
  9. Very wet floors- I get the idea that one of them doesn’t dry off after his shower, he just walks around and drip-dries
  10. Unwilling to rotate dial clockwise for new toilet paper roll

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