Eleven Links//Eleventh Month


For my first November link drop, it would seem that I have eleven to share.  This wasn’t practiced or deliberate or anything- I just needed a snazzy title for the post so I figured it I counted the links maybe I could come up with something. Lo and behold, eleven.

Just goes to show, sometimes things are as easy as 1, 2, 3.
But yeah, rarely.

My name is girl
I can’t even tell what this is but I love the illustration style and pro-female attitude.  Very proud that I could recognize Jane Austen and Coco Chanel from the cartoony illustrations. Even if I failed at seeing Virginia Woolf.

Other people do this too!
I’m so glad to hear about other people’s weird thoughts because I have been doing this all the time for so long. One of my favorites involves getting up out of an assembly and running out.  A particularly popular fantasy when I was in elementary school.

You know what these trying times call for? A mindfulness guide.

A new mini-series brings us a peek into the look at unspoken sexual practices around the world.  From medically assisted sex to BDSM abduction fantasies, it has you covered.
(But can we talk about this a tiny bit more? People should be less afraid to own their desires or at least to talk about sex in the abstract. Or maybe this is a US=prudish thing?)

Famous improvised lines remind us why actors are great.

Finding joy in the everyday from a former Google happiness guru. I love this and I had been working on it and then the election turned me into a giant stress ball and I haven’t tried it since.  Probably time to bring it back.

A charity drive ad for Toronto’s SickKids Hospital showcases the strength and courage that these kids bring to the ring, er, surgery room, every day.  Inspiring and tear-worthy.

Can you read your palm? Apparently I lack focus and stamina, and will have an uneventful but long life (suits me fine).  I may also possibly lead a double life?
Also a generous, sensual, and loving nature. Questioning the generousness because I’m a total hog. But my marriage line also indicates passionlessness and a lack of patience in relationships- so it looks like I won’t need to share anything with any SO for too long.

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram and me

Make a donation to the Cat Museum of San Francisco and placed your beloved divinity or felinity under the Protective Paw of Bastet. Some excellent kitty name-spotting here. I’m here for Orchoboldo, Rudolph Burgermeister Meisterburger, Moxxie Mitnick Torple, Ravage, Boo the Uncomfortable Roommate Demon, and Mischief ‘Misty’ Moo.

And the most reassuring button of all time.

One thought on “Eleven Links//Eleventh Month”

  1. Love. Will share my A roman Couplet a Day and List of Weird Words – once I resurface my saved RSS . Not sure about the sex thing though – as Anthro/Art Person i’ll say ‘mmhh, been there, done this.’ But American Porn. Really. Gives me red ears. Sometimes.


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