Movies Now

I’m taking a quick break from my thesis research ( O.O ) to bring you a list of movies CURRENTLY SHOWING IN THEATERS that I want to see (but can’t because… thesis).

Don’t worry, break is in about three weeks (my last exam is three weeks from yesterday, not that I’m counting) and then I’ll buy a movie ticket and sneak from movie to movie all day. Noooo, me? Never!
Actually, as far as I know the only time I sneaked into a film I was a toddler with my parents. And clearly I can’t be held accountable for that.

  1. MOANA!!!
    I’m so excited to see Moana because I love Disney and it looks super cute.  I love the previews I’ve seen so far and it looks like one of her animal friends is a wild boar piglet. Squee!
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    UGH I GUESS.  I’m torn between the fact that the Harry Potter world is so beautiful and magical that it deserves many movies and the other fact- which is that this is a blatant five-episode cash cow.  But I’m being effectively wooed by behind the scenes stuff, previews, trailers (is there a difference between previews and trailers?) and the adorableness of the cast.  Plus young Dumbledore? So I’m angry but I can’t leave the magical world behind yet. They know my weakness…
  3. Allied
    Marion Cotillard is a love of mine and she looks badass.  Also… I have to admit I’m kind of curious about whether an affair between she and Brad Pitt is actually what triggered the Brangelina rift/separation/divorce.  Ashamed, but like most people I’m a cannibal when it comes to lurid details and private lives.
  4. Nocturnal Animals
    I didn’t really like A Single Man, but I’m willing to give Tom Ford another chance.  Particularly because this seems rather creepier.
  5. Elle
    This is French and probably isn’t playing near me, but it’s in theaters at the moment somewhere.  A women gets involved in a game of cat and mouse as she tries to track down the man who raped her (Thanks, IMDb).

I think I would only really consider seeing the first two in the theater.  I don’t go to the theater very often.

Also rans: Loving, Manchester by the Sea, Storks, The Accountant, Rules Don’t Apply.
Honestly most things in theaters because I just want to escape from this work into the world of darkness and entertainment and popcorn-smell and sticky floors.


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