Thoughts on a New Year

I’ve thought about doing a ‘Good Riddance, 2016’ post or a post about the new year, but New Year’s is so far from my favorite holiday, I had trouble getting up any enthusiasm at all for such a thing.

It’s cold and dark and bleak. The middle of winter is such a terrible time to celebrate new beginnings or make resolutions for the future.  The last thing I want to worry about on a day like today when the sleet is coming down and I’m feeling under the weather is making a lifestyle change.  Winter is time to sit around with cats and enjoy coziness, not time to stress about swearing less or exercising more.

That said, really worthwhile lifestyle changes should of course be implemented whenever you feel like you can- health, well-being, and self-love know no seasons.

So many people love celebrating on New Year’s Eve. I used to stay home with family and a friend and play Lord of the Rings risk.  The whole purpose of New Year’s celebration for me is going out and seeing the lights and cold stark beauty.  But I can never stay warm enough for the to be my reality for any length of time beyond an hour. And just going to some under party hardly seems festive enough. Parties are kind of a dime a dozen. It’s like celebrating the 4th of July by taking a shower. That’s not a celebration!

2016 was a pretty dramatic year (and not in a good way, in my opinion).  I do hope 2017 will be better, but I find it unlikely.  So much of what has come to pass will be seeing reverberations far far into the future.  And other things- well, until we change them they’re not likely to change themselves.

I posted on Facebook, only somewhat sarcastically “New Year’s is a celebration of false hopes based on an arbitrary calendar.”
I do not wish for you to find peace an happiness this year, but every day and every moment to come.

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