Golden Globe Lowdown II


Are so boring! And the paparazzi don’t take pictures of them nearly as much as they do the women. And getting information on the designer? Pfft, good luck!

Popular wisdom has it that Ryan Gosling was the best dressed of the night, while I agree that he (like his La La Land co-star Emma Stone) came dressed to be fabulous and destroy rivals, I’m bestowing my best-dressed laurels on another.

Mimsy’s Favorite:
Donald Glover Gucci.jpg
Donald Glover in Gucci
Yea, your eyes do not deceive you. Donald Glover is wearing a sienna brown velvet suit with APLOMB (APLOMB, motherf***ers!). It fits great, his bow tie is a nice and complimentary color, and his hair is pretty.

Runner Up:
pharrell williams.jpg
Pharrell Williams
Pharrell actually brings his personal sense of style to the red carpet, which makes me happy. He only ever looks like himself which is great because Pharrell is pretty cool. I mean, he’s wearing chains and a beanie and a tassel on the red carpet. And he didn’t go off on that reporter who asked him about his movie, Hidden Fences. Which shows a self-restraint that I on my living room couch could not muster.

Most Ryan Gosling:
Ryan Gosling.jpg
Ryan Gosling in Gucci
Well, this was a shoe in. He looks excellent. I kind of mind the contrasting whites but I recognize that that is likely because I’m insane. I want more men to wear flowers.  Bring back flowers, Ryan Gosling, and someday I will maybe like you as much as Ryan Reynolds.

Next Best Pocket Garnish:
lakeith stanfield.jpg
Lakeith Stanfield

If you can’t have a flower I’m fully in support of this frilly purple thing.  Personally I think he looks quite good. I love this kind of color story on men, maybe left over from ballroom, where all black and grey attire is popular for a lot of leaders, particularly in Latin dance styles.

Best Deployment of Tom Ford:
That would be Tom Ford
Double-breasted suits are coming back- I think I’ll have more coming up, and Tom’s looking pretty excellent, walking that red carpet for his movie Nocturnal Animals. Can I mention how hard it is to find a picture of him? When you search ‘Tom Ford Golden Globes’ you get pictures of other people wearing Tom Ford. Patently unhelpful.  What’s remarkable here is how extremely well fitted this suit is too his body.  It’s not a groundbreaking look but it’s an extremely well executed classic.

Double-Breasted But… (?):
chris pine armani.jpg
Chris Pine in Armani
Chris, don’t get me wrong, you look great- but where are your socks?  You’re competing with Tom Ford in the double breasted suit category- and that calls for lucky socks if anything ever does. My Dad has suspicions that he dyes his beard white.

Best Three Piece Suit [TIE]:
Rami Malek Dior.jpg
Rami Malek in Dior
This is one of my favorite looks of the night, even if it’s not exactly risk-taking.  But it’s so perfect and polished, and, when you come down to it, it looks like he has a flower on his lapel.

Joel Edgerton
Joel Edgerton’s three piece is more relaxed than Rami Malek’s.  I’m very fond of how Joel Egerton has been dressing himself the whole run up to awards season.  The kind of classic/rumpled/old-fashioned style seems like a reference to the movie he’s promoting, Loving.

Best Classic Suit:
Dev Patel Burberry.jpg
Dev Patel in Burberry
Quite perfect, if canonical.  But still, enormously attractive, no?

I Wish Your Suit Fit Better [TIE]:
bryan tyree henry.jpg
Bryan Tyree Henry
But I still appreciate your look for it’s use of round sunglasses, jewelry, and non-spanking-new shoes.

Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Plaid can solve most, but not all problems.  But what a plaid!

Best Plaid:
Hugh Laurie
You look excellent Hugh, I’m liking the boxier fit. Congratulations on the win!

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