Seasons of Yale


I’m in a violently overcrowded class right now (welcome to Cognitive Science of Morality during shopping period) but I’m happy and I’ve had a happy day.  I’m resigned to the fact that if there’s a fire emergency we’ll all go up in flames and smoke.

Maybe I’m feeling content because today, my last first day of classes at Yale, is the beginning and also the end. The beginning of the end.

I’m in class and I have to keep this short, so I think I’ll give a very very very very brief list of my favorite specifically seasonal things at Yale, an idea that just occurred to me now.

University- sponsored fruit-picking trips, often including an outdoor breakfast on the farms. Apple fruits are the most common, but I’ve also picked raspberry fruits and pear fruits.

Horse drawn carriage rides around New Haven and the annual singing of The Messiah at Battell Chapel.

Baby animal petting zoos that come during exam season to relieve student stress.

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