Links for January


I’ve so many interesting and exciting links (the wide world of the internet, what can you do?)- I haven’t done a links post in a while.  I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. Mine would be better if it weren’t so chilly- I’m sitting on my radiator in my dorm room as I type this.  Actually, I’m going to the library.

Well, that’s a bit better.

When you have many favorite baby name styles, how do you choose?
I’m a big proponent of the belief that “all that’s beautiful goes together,” but at the same time I know that’s absolute nonsense.  There are foods you can’t eat together, clothes you shouldn’t wear together, and baby names you shouldn’t use within a sibling set.  So how do you pick names for your children when you know that your limiting your choices for future babies? The wise folks at Swistle have thoughts.

What if you could sort movies by obscure trope?
I would avoid all films where the dog dies, for one.

He wasn’t good enough for her anyway.

Check out this gorgeous home space in Manhattan!
I wish the photos were captioned with the room they’re from. But I can’t get enough of that daybed.

I’m relieved to know that I’m not alone in getting wardrobe stress from packing.
I don’t think I’ve ever gone so far as to purchase more in preparation for a trip, but I pull my things together and can’t see how I’ve managed to be a coherently dressed person for so long (probably by pretending everything beautiful goes together, to be honest.) Of course, there are also those lovely days when everything just comes together perfectly. Maybe the answer is to pack only your most trusted basics that you can wear in so many ways? Men’s button up, anyone?

Flapper Doodle Calendar!
I’m adding this one to my calendar list post because I was looking for it then but couldn’t find it.

Someone else who likes lists-
Maybe I’ll do some of these sometime.

I don’t know whether this skincare routine is inspiring or insane
I’m a fairly low maintenance skincare person (I mostly rely on a scrub and two Neutrogena cleansers that I choose between depending on how moisturized my skin feels- plus a moisturizer).  But this is making me want to branch out a bit more… mostly through reminding me that I miss the days when I used to use a toner (i.e. pre-college).
And actually, my skin looks pretty great (until finals week comes along, then I look like chalky death).

You too can have it all

I completely missed out on the appropriate season to post this link
But I love it. How did you learn there’s not a Santa? Or how did you tell your kids?

Just in time for awards season
What changes do fashion designs undergo between the runway and the red carpet?

This is a bit of a wakeup call for me, too.
I don’t play/never really have played video or computer games, but I do tend to get sucked in.  Time to start working on spending time doing activities that require a bit more mental engagement/thoughtfulness- like taking a walk, watching a movie, choreography, or reading.  (And I do plan to have a very technology-limited house if/when I do have children.)

I am completely guilty of this kind of calculating behavior.
Reminds me of that time I acted cute and friendly to get my friends and I a free ride on one of those pedicabs in Boston.  But in my defense, very rarely are my machinations directed against my family.

Interesting smell technology innovations

Again, in obviously Gucci dresses
I’m talking about Sienna Miller, though I guess you can tell that without my saying it. And, yes, I am kind of a fan. It looks like a party.


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