Four Courses


Many apologies because I have something like zero time today (AGGGHHHH) and am feeling a bit frenzied- can you tell? It’s just a lot of dance practice and posts that I want to write but want to put a lot of time into, which I can’t just this minute.

But I know! Sundance Film Festival is happening and there are a lot of movies to look forward to in 2017! The Oscar nominations just dropped this morning and I have thoughts (what else is new?)! I recently watched Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and La La Land (When to fit in the three-hour Fences, who knows?)! And I finished Laughable Loves by Kundera last night and am moving on to Reflections in a Golden Eye by Carson McCullers!


Also you know how I was talking about going with the flow yesterday, and how without bread sometimes you need to give up on your ambitions of a sandwich day? Today was a sandwich day. Mmm, yeah. I love peanut butter.

So what classes am I taking this semester?

  • Biomaterial-Tissue Interactions: Study of the interactions between tissues and biomaterials, with an emphasis on the importance of molecular- and cellular-level events in dictating the performance and longevity of clinically relevant devices. Attention to specific areas such as biomaterials for tissue engineering and the importance of stem/progenitor cells, as well as biomaterial-mediated gene and drug delivery.  This class is dope (haha, I said dope) in large part because I’m sitting in class thinking about the tissues of all of the family I have with weird implants- looking at you Dad and Sean!
  • Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination:  Applications of NMR, ESR, infrared, UV, visible, and mass spectroscopy to chemical problems concerning structures and reactions. X-ray crystallography. Computer simulation of NMR spectra. Taught by my favorite octogenarian, Martin Saunders, who’s been teaching at Yale since the 50s or 60s. I know, goals, right?  I wish I had taken this class before Physical Chemistry, but PChem is a prerequisite so… scratch that. But it would have made PChem make so much more sense!
  • Literature Seminar: The Female Sociopath: Of course I would take this. I don’t care if if it feels like a remedial English class and all of my classmates are freshmen. I get credit for it and lady badasses are the best.  We watched an episode of Game of Thrones yesterday (the last episode of season 6) and Cersei blew up the Sept of Bailor. Wow.  Never seen GOT before. Kind of followed. I’ve also done almost all of the reading already, except for Beloved by Toni Morrison, and I can crank that out soon. Easy peasy.
  • Introduction to the History of Western Music: 1800 to the Present: A survey of nineteenth- and twentieth-century composers, genres, and styles of music in Europe and America, with an emphasis on ways of listening. Lily and I are finally taking a class together! Music is cool! Our professor is German and her first name is Gundula!

That’s all folks! I wonder if reading so many exclamation points has increased your heart rate?  It’s a symptom of my nervousness at the moment, I’m afraid. There’s a lot to do, the political situation in the US is apocalyptic, and I can feel the forces of entropy pushing in at me from all sides.


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