Sia’s Sambas

V Festival At Hylands Park - Day 1

A list can be as short as one item. Which is why I think this list of three (okay, four if you count the less excellent House on Fire) is Very Much A List.

And while I’m feeling rather better today, I’m sticking with this topic because it minimizes the necessity of subjective thinking on my part. Because thinking is, frankly, exhausting.  I’ve only fatigue and a sore throat today, so I’m going to classes and returning to ballroom practice.  But I vow to do everything (including blogging) half-heartedly and with a minimum of effort.
Here, we have Sia on the one hand and ballroom dance genre samba on the other hand. And in the middle you have some Venn diagram-y overlap in the shape of three great songs and House on Fire, which will henceforth not be mentioned.

Funny thing about this viral infection: This is the first time in maybe ten years that my reaction to being sick wasn’t ‘soldier on and pretend nothing is the matter’.  And I’m feeling much better in two days, rather than lingering on the door of death for two weeks, until my body decided it would get no help from me.  These are valuable lessons that I hope to apply in the future.  No more ballroom dance practice with 102.7 degree fevers, the old me is gone.

But both old me and new me like sambas, so lets hit it.

First: The Samba That Started It All
Cheap Thrills
Cheap Thrills was Sia’s first popular samba and it took me a while to warm up to it (I can’t see why now, it’s a samba for godssakes!) And as a fan of all seedy dance parties, the song’s message resonates with me.  Now they play it at lots of ballroom competitions. Bum-da-dum, bum-da-dum, ad infinitum.

Second: The Samba That Inspired This Post
Never Give Up
I watched Lion last night and cried right on through the end! I almost never cry at movies, which means this is for sure a movie I need to force dad to watch (even if that means Clockwork Orange-type devices) because he cries always.  This song by Sia is used during the very touching credits. I cried more at the credits than the movie.  Such a good movie. I’ll have to post about it because I have a multitude of thoughts (and, as mentioned, I’m not thinking today). But the song reminds me of the music used by Yale’s Bhangra group and the message is very badass and determined.

Third: The Last Samba
The Greatest
Fitting (kind of) that this one is the last because it’s all about stamina so I figured it could wait. Wow, horrible rationale.  It’s a music, it is inanimate.  But if you need to listen to a song about being ‘The Greatest’ (we’ve all been there (every effing day)) turn this on and take a walk with big strides and stomp boots.

Bum-da-dum, bum-da-dum, dum-da-dum…

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