Profiles in Style: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a pretty canonical style role model, and while I enjoy her sense of fashion, I can honestly say that I don’t think I would want to meet her.
In the interviews I’ve seen with her (Yes, I do watch those egregiously back-pat-y fashion industry interviews. I sometimes almost like them ūüėõ ), she comes off as kind of standoffish and abrasive. ¬†Like maybe she’s low key mocking her interviewer.
And as a sensitive snowflake I can’t imagine a more exhausting or upsetting type of conversation.

So I like my Alexa Chung where she is: on my computer screen, with clothing.

And therein lies the difficulty: Alexa Chung wears clothes a lot. At least as much as most of us. So I’m not cataloguing all of Alexa’s outfits, but here’s a mini-selection that I’ve arranged in a way I find aesthetically pleasing for reasons I can’t and/or won’t explain.

And no, Alexa, I don’t think Uggs are coming back. God forbid.

I think of Alexa’s look in general as being a little bit rock, that very relaxed and disheveled kind of rock. ¬†I think a lot of this is due to her shag hairstyling, fancy for black boots, and predilection for leather, animal print, and denim accents.
So we have a lot of low key cool casual wear. ¬†Frothy Victorian-style blouses in creams and whites (a favorite in my own closet). ¬†Zipper-ornamented black leather shorts (I’ve been looking for a pair for a few years) and oft-deployed denim: skirts, a short suit, and cropped flare jeans. ¬†The two coats are similar in cut (very straight and menswear-influenced) and animal-leaning. Suede brown and leopard print with a furry collar. One is obviously a lot more rustic and the other is more glam. ¬†Also think her starred boots in the upper left picture are kick ass. And the flats with the short heels on the lower right are so perfectly proper.

And then there’s slightly more classic Alexa Chug, wearing things like wrap navy silk jumpsuits (oooooh), wrap dresses worn over tee shirts, and camel coats. ¬†Camel coats are (in my completely non-biased opinion) the best kind of coat. ¬†Love (and want) her jumpsuit. Really any beautiful jumpsuit. ¬†Love wrap dresses. ¬†White boots are cool in theory but I don’t think I’d want a pair in practice. ¬†And the camel coat, striped shirt, sheer tights, plaid scarf combination is sharp, in addition to all being pieces that are super versatile and classic on their own.

And then there’s DGAF glamorous going out looks like these. ¬†It’s very admirably effortless. Not done up but still really well put together. ¬†Still a lot of classic denim and animal print (but tiger!), with the addition of classic blazers, sheer lace or beaded tops, and a cream blouse with more sheen than the daytime looks.

Posher Alexa Chung, with dainty florals and ruffles and ribbons and tweeds. But never anything too precious.  She never really looks twee because of the louche way she styles things.

So I’m trying, now that I’ve written it, to figure out what the purpose of this post really is. I think, if we step outside of the ‘fashion’ idea of items being the main force behind the way someone looks, there’s something much more important, which is an individuals attitude or style. ¬†I’m kind of indifferent to the phenomenon of Alexa Chung as a celebrity, but I do admire how she defines herself through her presentation. She has a very definite way of putting things together and you get the happy feeling that you’re seeing someone who enjoys dressing and identifies with what she puts on her body.

It’s bout aesthetics as a tool for personal identity, which I am very much about.


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