February: Links I Love


Happy February, the month of amour! But actually screw Valentine’s Day, I’m not into it. But the above is my desktop background because it seemed apropos.  One of my favorite little joys is hunting down graphic images that tile well.  Images with some kind of repetitive pattern or that would look good if repeated.  Graphic designs, illustrations, wallpaper prints, and fabric are all great sources.
Last month I used an illustration of cartoon penguins spelling out the alphabet. My favorite was the super-diva-ish letter R.

In other news, we have a snowy day here, but not a snow day.  The city has declared a snow emergency and the buses and shuttles around campus aren’t running, but we’re still supposed to be trekking around to class.  But my professor canceled my 9 am anyway and I have my fingers crossed for my 2:30.  It’s a good day for staying in the warm indoors, cuddling a cat, and surfing the net.

Do you care about being cool? Are you cool?  And the ephemeral: What even is cool?

How Grace became Eli, the story of a child’s gender transition from the parent’s perspective. A great read.

Reformation’s sassy Action Tee collection. “I’m just getting started.”

An amazing Etsy shop that sells tails. And now I kind of want someone to do a Jurassic Park ballroom showpiece. Or live out my Dragon Tales fantasies.

This beautiful site, My Little Paris, which has articles on some of the best spots to picnic, take a nap, enjoy snowy fun, eat on an outdoor terrace, find some quiet, and grab an ice cream. I’m reading it so vicariously, keeping my Paris dreams alive. There was just an avalanche off the roof across from mine.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t think he’s a fashion icon. He is mistaken. At least if Balenziaga has anything to say about it.

Interesting post-election google searches by state. Alabama coming in with “Who is Frederick Douglass?” Yikes.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle shakeup, this Austrian town is seeking a professional hermit. Sign me up.

Are you a believer in the power of crystals? I think it’s one of the more faddish aspects of the current attention to emotional and physical wellness, but they do have a certain appeal. And I admit that in my childhood witchcraft phase I did try to heal my parents and the plants in the garden using random chunks of quartz and rocks from those tourist-y gold mining contraptions.
On the other hand, crystal collections- like shell collections- must be a pain to dust. I feel like that headache might outweigh quite a few of the benefits, at least for me. 😉

The many forms of the name Beatrice. I know it’s not exactly a different form, but I love the way the name is pronounced in Italian. So very Dante’s Inferno.  And onomastics are so cool. I love the details behind the nicknames Daisy and Peggy for Margaret.

I love this list! I’m a fan of so many of these and yet, I struggle to make them a regular practice. Isn’t it always the way?  Cold water swimming is a super enlivening shock to the system, love walking, shouting is the opposite of my problem, meditation and yoga are the bomb, staying hydrated, cold showers (not for me in the wintertime! I’d never warm up again!). Hmm, maybe I should try unicycling. 🙂

I used to very much want the big ceremony, white dress kind of wedding. But my mind is changing.  This article expressed a lot of my thoughts. What do you think?

I love books, I love Reductress, and I couldn’t stand Catcher in the Rye or Infinite Jest. A+.
Also proud to say I’ve read 4/5 of their suggestions.

Taylor Swift is the reason why we need intersectional feminism.  Playing the victim and shedding white female tears drowns out the challenges faced by minorities. And when that victim role is taken on to further your public persona? Shame.

On baby names, bias, and culture: “The way to combat fear of the unknown is not to feed into it by not choosing a Muslim name.”  Duana hits it out of the park.

A Buddhist monk and his fierce makeup skills.  Monks just out there being badasses these days. Like this Myanmar monk arrested for drug hauls.

The promising rise and inglorious fall of the name Kevin in France. Maybe I’ll send this one to my ballroom partner (also named Kevin, but very much not French).

I know a few people who would be willing to play bloodhound for some chocolate. What an hysterical study.



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