Words Once More

It’s always interesting to me to take a look at when I’ve opted to take break from posting. During vacations I spend traveling, obviously. And following the election last year.
And then this past week, which ld up to my Dad’s leg amputation surgery yesterday (*Gasp*, I know, but it was planned out, a rational choice, and a long time coming. But that doesn’t make it any less of a big deal, you know what I mean?)

So I’ve been thinking about the best way to ease myself back into posting. Because I miss it an because I have things I want to talk about, but at the same time I’m feeling so completely emotionally blunted and exhausted that I can’t imagine I’d be much fun.

But I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a words post, and I did have a list accumulating, just in case of the proverbial rainy day like today.

  • orlop
  • havoc: Pairs very well with the verb ‘wreak’. But also sounds like a vacuum cleaner? Is it just me?
  • nimble
  • stodgy: Stodgy Codgers. I want to go somewhere where that is the mascot. The Stodgy Codgers.
  • grotto: I think Ariel’s Grotto is an attraction at Disney. Also a shout out to Keats for teaching us it can be abbreviated as grot’ when we’re too busy getting frisky with Belles Dames sans Merci for the extra syllable. Mmm, grot’, sexyyy.
  • dungaree: Avoid ‘dung’ in polite company at all times, even if it is part of another word.
  • canoodle
  • frowzy: Picture a disheveled mouse.
  • slattern: No one could slut shame like the 19th century.
  • fen
  • loom
  • tawdry
  • mawkish: I’m going through a w-sound phase.
  • maudlin
  • bedlam: Scooby Doo and Bedlam in the Big Top

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