Favorite ASMRtists

Well, this list will out me for the weird person that I am, if you hadn’t figured it out already.  So I don’t spend too many words on it, here’s a quick video to answer the question “What the hell is ASMR?”, so you can know as much about it as everybody else and you’re not one of these clueless people living in need without even knowing it.

I’ve been listening to ASMR regularly for about two or three years now, when it kind of grew naturally out of my weird habit of watching videos of people getting massaged on youtube, which itself had grown naturally out of my weird habit of reading yelp reviews of massage placed while I was in middle school and high school.  Honestly I do find it really relaxing and I agree with people who describe it as a ‘massage for your brain.’ If you’re a fan of white noise, I really do recommend checking it out.

Ariel ASMR: Ariel was one of my first favorites and one of the few from that time who’s still making videos ( 😦 ). She’s not as well known as she should be, especially considering how lovely and soft her voice is, and how weirdly inventive some of her video premises are. My one complaint with Ariel is that her videos almost all tend to the short side It’s rare to find one more than 15 minutes long, and most of them are around 12. And if you take longer to fall asleep (which I frequently do) or are listening to it in the background while you do hours of work (same), that might be a little disappointing, but only because she’s so good!

ASMR Power of Sound: PoS is a recent find for me and I was so excited when I watched him the first time! His voice is super deep and gruff and slow and so so relaxing. He seems so serious and sincere but also tough at the same time? Maybe if you’re manly and think ASMR isn’t for you, start here.

Gentle Whispering ASMR: Maria is arguably the most popular/best known ASMRtist on youtube, and for good reason. She’s been around for a while and her videos are classic and soft- not to mention her voice! She also makes many of her videos in Russian (Weirdly, Russian seems a popular other-language for ASMR content creators. I wonder why ASMR would be more popular in Russia.)  If you’ve heard about ASMR from a magazine or newspaper article, chances are they mentioned Maria.

MassageASMR: Dmitri has his own cult following, not the size of Victoria’s but VERY enthusiastic. I believe he is a trained masseur/massage practitioner, because a lot of his videos (though not so much the recent ones) are massage demonstrations or tutorials (ah, back to my roots!). I don’t know how to describe is voice or accent, but I wish I could because it is so nice.

MinxLaura123 ASMR: Laura is super cool. She has some very fun videos where she brings in props or amusing personalities (bitchy role-plays are not that rare, and she seems to also have a fascination with dolls). I especially love her collaborations with other ASMR channels. Basically she just seems super easygoing and is the easiest to imagine grabbing a bite to eat with.

Honorable Mentions:  ObviouslyASMR, Olivia’s Kissper ASMR, Springbok ASMR, chelseamorganwhispers, CoconutsWhisper, Cordelia Charter ASMR, Jellybean Green ASMR, Micah and Modesta ASMR, MissChloeASMR, RaffyTaphyASMR

Do you listen to ASMR? DO you have any favorite channels or favorite triggers?

A short rundown of my best triggers: personal attention, HAND MOVEMENTS, hair play.
Maybe I’ve been hardwired to react strongly to massage-type triggers 😛

Want more? Here‘s what Elle Canada has to say. And Allure’s even in on it.

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