Oscars Red Carpet ’17: Women

Agh, the Oscars always inspiring people to play it safe! I know it’s at least partly because the media can be awful in how it tears into the ‘Worst-Dressed’, so I can’t really fault anyone, but… sigh.
Color trends of the night: black first and foremost, white as a close second, metallics in third.
Groundbreaking, no?

And having just complained about the vicious tabloids, I’m going to be a teeny bit hypocritical and give a shout out to the few dresses I have semi sound-bite-y non-positive things to say about.
Naomie Harris’ dress had a butt cape. And without that design detail it would just be a kind of dull strapless white dress? And I thought I liked her shoes but then I realized the ankle and toe straps are switched in detailing, which is upsetting me more than it should.  It’s what I get for disrespecting the butt cape.
Dakota Johnson has a bladder pouch. Still trying to discern my feelings about this.  It’s very Victorian and has a lot of sheen, both of which I think I like, but it still comes across as kind of off? Maybe it’s just a hard dress to wear, and possibly not her best color.
I’m not sure what possessed Jessica Biel to pair that necklace with that already touchy metallic dress. I would have liked it much better if she had kept it simple, without the weird destructive effect on the gown, and without the necklace.
But still all of them are absolutely beautiful, and at least they did something different enough that one can say something about it.

And now a bunch of favorites 🙂

Ruth Negga in Valentino: Aaaah, I don’t think she’s mortal. Her dress was gorgeous yes, but she just transcended it by talking intelligently about her film, Loving, her ethically sourced jewels (tiara and earrings combo for the win!) and her native Ireland. I also love the ACLU pin. And at the risk of tooting my own horn to much, I would like to restate that I recognized this as Valentino pretty much immediately.  But back to Ruth, even if she didn’t win I hope we see a lot more of her work in the future. And she has such an interesting sense of style, I like seeing what she’s wearing.
(You may remember that in my Stylist to the Stars post, where I made believe that I got to pick Oscar dresses, I put her in a red quilted Dior gown. Points for the correct color family. And no one can fault a lady for going for custom Valentino).

Janelle Monae in Elie Saab: Wow, she and Ruth Negga both look so queenly.  Despite being a black dress, I don’t think anyone could complain that this is safe or boring. As a pop star I think she’s more comfortable going for things that have a slight costume/stagewear vibe. Which is great because I’m blown away by this whole thing.
(Again, my suggestion were a dramatic black and white ball gown from Zuhair Murad and a dramatic white ball gown from Ralph and Russo. Again, correct color palette (Jangle almost always sticks to black and white) but also correct shape!)

Taraji P Henson in Alberta Ferretti: Damn. Taraji went for the sex appeal and she looks amazing. Love this all over (although her boobs must be a bit uncomfortable, or that just might be my own boobs projecting, they’re small so they can’t really empathize but they try). If you photoshopped smoke and fire or lightning into the background it wouldn’t look out of place.
(I got this one very much wrong, thinking that she would reprise one of her more romantic looks with a gown like this Elie Saab. No complaints, she looks fantastic.)

Emma Stone in Givenchy: It’s excellent branding- she looks like an Oscar winner. Also the little dot on her left shoulder is a Planned Parenthood thing (thumbs up).  I’m feeling a bit more kindly disposed now that La La Land hasn’t undeservedly run away with all the awards.  She looks pretty gorgeous.
(I suggested this red Ralph and Russo ballgown and I don’t stand down. The dresses technically idon’thave much in common, but I think they share the same classic dramatic glamour feel. Plus, tiers!)

Viola Davis in Armani Prive: She looks pretty phenomenal in a dress that wouldn’t have looked nearly so phenomenal on anyone else. The color makes her glow and she pulls of the tricky neckline really elegantly. I’m glad she stuck to what makes her comfortable: classic sleek silhouettes in bright colors.
(I like her ultimate choice better than my suggested dress, but they are both Armani, for that sleek shape 🙂 )

Brie Larson in Oscar de la Renta: It doesn’t look like a difficult dress to wear, but it’s beautiful in spite of being safe. She needs to stop slouching!

Amy Adams in Tom Ford: Okay, Amy! I accept. The choice of Tom Ford as designer was a foregone conclusion, but instead of going for her usual neutral sheaths, this is more eye-catching while still being easily in her comfort zone.  The neck is a bit too wide, proportionally, but she looks pretty stunning overall. As sad as it makes me, she’s never going to be someone who wants to be adventurous in her fashion choices, but this is a nice compromise.
(By the by, I would have put her in this metallic and sheath-y Ralph and Russo from the couture collections, so I give myself a pat on the back).

Kirsten Dunst in Dior: Also not a difficult dress to wear, but the shape is neat and she looks good.

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney: She looks lovely in spite of the aggressive modeling and the kind of contrived placement of the ACLU ribbon. Models, create an image, even if it’s very unnatural and unrealistic, it’s what they do. Gorgeous and interesting dress, and I like the jewelry choices.

More people who looked good!

  • Priyanka Chopra in a cool and geometric Ralph and Russo couture gown.
  • Nicole Kidman who still should have worn the dress I suggested because she looks better in darker colors!
  • Laura Dern is sparkly and lovely in Rodarte.
  • Michelle Williams is once again stabbed in the back by her false friend Louis Vuitton. Should have been an elf princess.
  • Octavia Spencer looks good in spite of the fact that I feel like this Marchesa dress is working against her. Still prefer my two suggestions.
  • Emma Roberts looks pretty (it’s sustainable Armani Prive?)
  • The very cascade-y Darby Stanchfield. Figures, I’m a fan of Georges Chakra.
  • The both shiny and feathery Sofia Boutella in Chanel. Have your cake and eat it too.
  • Felicity Jones is a Degas ballerina in Dior. It looks like it could be better fitted, but perhaps that unstructured look is deliberate. If so I think I disagree with the choice.
  • Isabelle Huppert wore a predictably clean-lined, clean-colored dress that she somewhat swims in. Pretty similar to my Valentino suggestion, really.
  • A dangly and sparkly Marchesa on Olivia Culpo.
  • And I was right the Meryl Streep would be in Elie Saab! (Sorry not sorry Karl Lagerfeld).

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