Lions and Tigers and… March?


What happened, it’s March? You know how last time I did a list post it was February and I used my new desktop background as the graphic? Same thing this month, I have these fierce kitties tiled and every time I open my computer it’s like a little feline firework.

What’s going on in my life? My Music History midterm went pretty excellently and I’m going home this weekend to check on and take care of my parents… since Dad just got his leg amputated and Mom’s coming down with a sick. And I’m bringing snacks and my indefatigable self.

So links!

You know how I wrote a post this past week on my favorite ASMR content creators? Maybe I should have included this little man. And yes, I do get tingles, have to love those hand movements, he’s an expert!

This photograph is ASTOUNDING. Do click on it, do enlarge it, and MARVEL. Camels.

As much as I hate the live action remake craze, I do want to see the new Beauty and the Beast. Even more so now that I know Disney’s doing this. I am annoyed that it’s being referred to as a ‘gay scene’ though… it’s a comic relief sidekick character. Living for the moment when this won’t even be a news piece.

YES, this is what beauty conversations should look like. We can all learn things from each other, especially when we come from different backgrounds. It gets tiring seeing beauty routine all the time of people who look similar. It’s so important to appreciate and show all kinds of beauty. And I’m tickled pink to see hijab tutorials on youtube.

Do you believe we’re being poisoned by the cosmetics industry? It’s a real and interesting question.  I want to get my poison content tested like the woman in the video.

Who’s your Parisian alter ego? I keep retaking this and have discovered that I’m Jane Birkin, Catherine Deneuve, and Coco Chanel. The Deneuve description sounds most accurate. Shout out to Lily (and Dad) getting Simone de Beauvoir!

My roommate sent me this and it’s hysterical precisely because it’s so relatable. “I’m trapped in this lonely, isolated tower of self-worth and earnings potential, devoid of any ability to love men who think I’m undeserving of my success.”

What happened when we gave our daughter my last name. This is soooo fascinating. I really respect and support their willingness as parents to go for the option that suited them better, regardless of social conventions and pressures.

I love fire, I wish this were part of my childhood curriculum (I spent way too much time illustrating the butterfly life cycle with various pasta shapes), and I bet my Dad wishes it had been part of his as well 😉

Here’s a SHOCKER.

Teen Vogue making the point that women, and women who are interested in style and fashion, also have a right to have (and voice) political opinions. Indeed, traditional femininity IS NOT irreconcilable with a strong political voice.

And a whole lot of political stuff because things frighteningly worth knowing are happening without stop.

Except this bit is actually pretty funny.

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