All Made Up

I’ve self-consciously decided to write a post on my daily beautifying routine.  Self-consciously because beauty blogging is a big thing- and a big thing that’s not very much my thing. There are people who know as much about cosmetics as I do about perfume (crazy).

Beyond sticking a pin in an area already densely packed with pins, it’s like those other pins are perfectly contoured brooches with beautifully done contours and mine is a thumbtack with a slapdash of mascara.

In simpler words, I’m writing about something in regards to which I am but an amateur.  Hardly a dabbler. But I enjoy getting ready in the morning and picking a look for the day (and I want to talk about lipstick 😉 )

So after taking care of my skin in whatever cleansing way it needs and applying moisturizer I…

  1. Dab a little liquid concealer on to lighten up dark areas and give a little highlight- usually in a triangle under my eyes and on my cheekbones, and a bit just above the space between my brows.  I use Physician’s Formula Conceal Rx because you only need a little to get good coverage and it feels comfortable on my skin without leaving any weird residue look.
  2. Brush a light layer of natural-tone matte powder over my face to even out my skin tone (and honestly because I love the feeling of powdering my face, even if I use a brush and not a ploof).  This is as far as I go foundation-wise, but I’ve been playing recently with the idea of going in for a liquid foundation- my skin is pretty good though, so I’m not sure it’s worthwhile.  I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder in Light. It’s a holdover from my days of oily skin (good riddance to puberty) but I’ve stayed attached to it.  And anyway, it’s still a great all-purpose thing to have. Sometimes I use it to set a base layer of lipstick.
  3. Don’t apply blush. I haven’t worn blush in years.  My cheeks are a little rosy naturally (kind of odd considering my terrible circulation) so it has never seemed very necessary.  Besides, looking blanched is fine with me so long as I have luxuriant eyelashes 😛
  4. Fix my eyebrows with some gel and eyebrow powder. When I was a bit more mental than I am now, I would pluck my eyebrows thinner if I was more stressed so that they essentially became a mental health barometer. I’ve been growing them out (but keeping them tame) for a few years now and like the way this looks, like my face is better framed.  Feeling inspired by Audrey Hepburn even if her brows are unachievable by any mere mortal. I use NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, and I liked it enough to take my Mom out to get some when she was looking for an eyebrow product (the highest honor).
  5. Put on eyeshadow if I’m feeling like eyeshadow. But most days I’m not (I told you I wasn’t a big beauty person! Don’t roll your eyes at me!).  I have a lovely palette from Coastal Scents, one of their nude ones (I just checked, I have Revealed I). Recommend Coastal Scents pretty highly- pretty inexpensive for the quality and pigmentation. I also have a metallic L’Oreal HiP duo thing that I use for nights (but honestly more often for ballroom performances). I remember one of my first eyeshadow palettes as a teen being Flare from L’Oreal’s HiP line. I was rather in love with it. I’m considering expanding into a few new eyeshadows. We’ve a Keiko Milano nearby and I’ve heard good things about their shadow sticks.
  6. Mascara. Always. And always Lash Stiletto by Maybelline. Which incidentally my roommate also uses. And less incidentally is also used by my cousin (I say less incidentally because I started buying this because I thought it would give 8th grade me her maturity and sophistication)(it didn’t but I did eventually get my own and who’s to say it’s not thanks to this mascara?).
  7. Lipstick. If I don’t usually put on blush and I always put on mascara, I put on lipstick at some middle frequency. And it would definitely seem to be my choice of cosmetic personal expression.  I’ll do another post sometime about my lipstick collection.

Until then, stay tuned 🙂
Are you a cosmetic aficionado? What are your most trusted products?

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