Friday Links (Week 1)

We’re trying a new thing with the links posts now (now that I’ve realized just how long they get and how, by the time a new month rolls around, half of my links are outdated!)

So here’s a somewhat more abbreviated list of things on the inter-webs that I found interesting.  Wishing you all an excellent Friday night and a lovely and relaxing weekend.

Putin makes an April Fool’s Day funny. Someone recently pointed out that he looks like Max, the boy bunny from children’s book series Max and Ruby, and I completely see it. In fact, I can’t unsee it now!

So there’s a movie in production about this amazing man who makes his living growing flowers and other crops for fragrance oils, against the orders of the Taliban.  The Seven Virtues perfume line is one of his customers. Here’s a sneak peek.

Nabokov’s favorite word is mauve‘ and other discoveries from the world of literary statistics. This may well be one of the most fascinating articles I’ve ever read.  Another important (if unsurprising) point: “authors who are women write equally about men and women, but men write overwhelmingly about men.” Another sin men are guilty of? Over use of exclamation points. And abuse of cliches.

Think about it, maybe you are well-read, but are you worldly-read? One woman made it her mission to read a book from every country.

This is quite random, but we’re studying jazz in my music history class and the cornet (a popular jazz instrument) came up. Which made me think about the lovely cornetti I ate when I visited Venice (almost two years ago!). And that’s how I discovered this article outlining the differences between cornetti and croissants. Another point of fact? Croissants are Viennese, not French. Even the French call them viennoiserie.

The majority of the earth’s population is Asian. So actually they’re not smart and small because they’re Asian. You’re stupid and big because you’re not. Thanks Reductress 🙂

Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical are you? (I was hoping for Phantom of the Opera, but I got Sunset Boulevard (I’ve seen only the original film version)- hey, I could be an excellent Norma Desmond. I’m ready for my close up).

Jenna Lyons is leaving J. Crew and it is the end of an era. She has an inspiring sense of style, I look up to her a bit. (Check out the pictures if you want to see why!)

SO many bad decisions. I’m talking about the Pepsi commercial, of course. amazingly tone deaf.

I love this series at Cup of Jo, showcasing the beauty routine of a diverse range of people. Because everyone is beautiful and different techniques are better for enhancing different types of beauty (and different backgrounds lead to lots of amazing outlooks on appearance!). This week, a trans woman with a very cool story and vibe.

I love this short animation for Van Cleef & Arpels’ Lady Arpels watch line. It’s pure art and it would leave you wanting a gorgeous watch even if you didn’t have any arms.

And even so it’s still a rather long list! I hope this suits everyone better! It’s definitely easier on me 😛

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