Friday Fun Links 4/14

Please excuse my very temporary hiatus- it was caused by the need to spend my meagre writing talent on a certain research paper that I just finished (On the revenant Beloved as a bridge between the divided worlds caused by personal tragedy and the tragic legacy of slavery, ultimately serving to enable reconnection and eventual resolution).

So to ease myself back into the blogging life (and because it’s Friday!), here is your weekly collection of links to odd and exciting internet locations.

Olfactory molestation is a crime in Italy now! What’s cooking? Legal action apparently.

The Americas need therapy. Or maybe it’s just time to break up (Yankeedom forever!)

Two of my favorite things combined: decoding the smell of old books.  How would you describe it? I would say dusty and a bit sweet.

Some interesting thoughts on the underlying meaning of Pepsi-gate. And now I’m moving on.

You remember my Soap Fiend post? Well, maybe we should add these to it- Le Labo bath products! I would be particularly interested in anything scented like Labdanum 18 or Ylang 49.

As someone who has maintained the same haircut since I let me bangs grow out in first grade (and through puberty when my hair suddenly became curly), I’m always fascinated reading about people’s experiences dramatically switching up their cut or style or color.  Like this woman who went bleach-blonde.

I’m a big fan of DSH perfumes, and this review has piqued my interest in her new cherry blossom fragrance- Gekkou Hanami. “Hanami is the Japanese pastime of picnicking below the Sakura cherry trees while in blossom. The act of gazing at the blossoms as they fall like snow is an essential moment of beauty, and death.”
How perfect for the start of spring- and it reminds me of my much-loved Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon.

And finally: I first saw this video a while ago but it popped up again recently and I’m loving it so much more- maybe it’s because I’m hoping to move to France this year, or maybe it’s because I’m considering parkour as my next extracurricular (i.e. my post-college ballroom replacement)
So cool but I think I’m staying off high roofs! Not that I’m afraid of heights, but I’m not an idiot.
AND I love the song I Love Paris but I need to know who sings this cover.

I forgot things!

The Last Jedi teaser trailer just dropped and I’ve watched it three times and got goosebumps each time 😛

One of my favorite ASMRtists, Jellybean Green, just made a playlist of some of her own favorite content creators. Lots of new people to check out and some appreciation for my own favorites.

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