Friday Fun Links 4/21


Converting these to a weekly (rather than monthly) installment was the right idea.

Because there’s a lot of cool things that I want to talk about, but I also don’t want to inundate anyone.
Firstly, the big cool thing that’s happening in my life: my last ballroom dance show is today, probably my last one ever since I don’t really anticipate continuing with it after college.  I’m really excited (especially because I have a lot of very sweet family members and friends who have decided to come!), not so nervous (although maybe I should be!), and I’ll post with links to videos once they’re up (and if I don’t mess up in a very embarrassing way- but maybe even if I do).

I kind of swing wildly back and forth between treating myself and being absolutely austere and weirdly self-denying. I’m trying to find a nice middle road while simultaneously training myself out of excessive stress- by buying myself a nice little treat every time I get through something that made me anxious or was a ‘big deal’ (like a job interview, a big test, a deadline, or, you know, a ballroom show).  Should I write a list at some point of my mini self-gifts? I’m planning on it.

I also have succeeded in dragging a close friend down the fragrance rabbi hole (well, he’s made his first order from Surrender to Chance, so celebration might be a bit premature- but I think not 😉 ). But more on that later.

Anyway, lets’ get down to business! Links!

This SNL skit is hysterical and soooo relatable. I think we’ve all wished we could disappear from the site of a very awkward encounter. Or twenty.

Reductress was kind of perfect this week, featuring romantic advice from a dryad and guidance on settling for a man who isn’t your poster of Aragorn. Been there. (Still there?)

Speaking of high fantasy worlds, an accent expert discusses 6 fictional languages, including Dothraki (Game of Thrones), Sindarin (Lord of the Rings), and Na’vi (Avatar).

The lady body, specifically:
Boob haikus! Relating to all of the small-chested girls and sympathizing with the larger-bosomed.
Thoughts on periods from Atelier Dore. Super interesting. Particularly mulling over the last, about not being ashamed of period-related issues.
An AMAZING TED TALK about the disturbing ways young women have been socialized to engage with sexual activity and pleasure.

Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg, uniting in the name of glorious appliances.

Thierry Mugler and La Maison du Chocolate, uniting in the name of, well, chocolate (inspired by landmark perfume Angel).

In defense of leisure and less work, and how a shorter workweek could solve all of our problems (kind of like coconut oil). Hey, I’m game.

A magazine for the high-fashion cat lady. We are many.  Puss Puss.

An amusing quiz: Which Irish Goddess are you? (I’m Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees and goddess of love and beauty. Multi-faceted, I like it.)

Feminism in France, and lingual delineations between married and unmarried women. Fascinating. Call me Madame.

Maybe this is why my profile picture didn’t get many likes. Photos of yourself: the one you find most attractive may not be the same as the one others do.

And an answer to the question no one asked: Why your shoelaces come untied, the mystery is solved.

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