Save it for a Rainy Day


Rain. It’s not my most favorite of weathers, but it’s a simple fact of life in the spring.

There’s a lot to love about rain- the way it throws people together (thank you random people who have gifted me clothes after I’ve been soaked), dramatically watching raindrops race down a window, memories of rain songs from childhood, and the sound and feeling of being cozied up and dry while there’s a storming happening.

But if you’re going out in it- because we all have to sometimes- there are some material things you can add to your life to ease the rainy day gloom.

A beautiful umbrella
I used to hate umbrellas and would never use them, which led to getting drenched a hell of a lot.  But I bought what is to me the most beautiful of umbrellas when I was in Paris last summer.  I just stumbled on it at an outdoor market, white with black polka dots and a black ruffle trim. Small and portable. My dream umbrella. And suddenly carting it around is more of a pleasure than a hassle.  It’s hanging off the arm of my chair in my lecture hall as I type this (before you judge me, class hasn’t started yet- I’m just preternaturally and obsessively early).
This is one of the great life lessons I’ve learned from my Mom, who right now has a beautiful light blue umbrella with a rococo design of intertwining and flowers and birds.  Just carrying something bright is a lovely way to add some joy to a grey day.  Why not carry a hot pink umbrella? Or lilac? Why go with basic black?

Key to keeping the dreadfulness of any rainy day at bay is keeping the moisture out of your footwear.  I know appropriate footwear is a lesson you probably learned in kindergarten, but how often have you neglected your best interests and clad your poor feet in something completely porous? (This may just be me, actually).  But then there came the Wellington boot.  I’m a devotee of the basic green Hunters, but there are so many options, all perfect for frisking through puddles or generally just tromping your way to wherever you need to be.  They always give me this lovely English country house feeling, like I’m going out to assess my lands in a pastoral drizzle.  And then waterproof Chelsea boots (ankle height) are also excellent for a somewhat more downtown feel.
But really, besides that fashion part. Keeping your toesies dry cannot be underrated. Take care of yourself and protect the toesies.

A garden
If you can never enjoy rain for yourself I’m sorry for you at least enjoy it for the benefit of all of the thirsty plants soaking up the cool water.  The easiest way to come to terms with rain is by simply being okay with getting wet, finding peace with droplets on your eyelashes and the tip of your nose.  All of that Singin’ In The Rain stuff. But if you simply cannot cheerfully resign yourself to wet weather, think of the plants and consider the sacrifice of your comfort paramount to that garden you love so much. Less watering for you!

An aside: Atelier Dore has a rainy day playlist that I highly recommend checking out.  No days like rainy ones for staring moodily at the sky and listening to music.


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