Friday Links 5/5


One final down and two to go. Again I apologize for the lack of content but I haven’t had the wherewithal to write anything between studying and collapsing from mental exhaustion- guys, I’ve been taking naps! It’s crazy and unheard of!

But I’m going to unload the links because there are some pretty fun ones and I don’t want to be buried in them.  But for now nothing else.  But regularly scheduled programming should resume after my last final on the 7th.  Really, I’ve been so busy I realized I haven’t even changed my desktop background for the month, so I have none to show you. Maybe next week, because picking the perfect background takes focus. You have to look at it for a month, after all.

According to science, female dragonflies fake sudden death to avoid male advances. Honestly, same.

The faces behind “Strictly Platonic” personal ads on Craigslist. Such an impersonal and remote communication made so much more immediate by the humanity behind it. Frankly fascinating.

Someone described the man in the video as being like a real life Wes Anderson character, and because I love Wes Anderson I needed to watch it. It’s really amazing, the subjects seem to open up to the interviewer in a way that’s at once quirky and completely endearing. Wes Anderson indeed.

Name drama: This woman’s husband sounds exasperating.

Nevertheless, he persisted. Although I have to say Francis Whiting III, 76, sounds kind of adorable. I know a guy who’s a “First Name Last Name VI”.

The preservation of olfactory heritage: “Several countries are considering cataloging smells as part of their national heritage. In 2001, the Ministry of the Environment in Japan selected the country’s 100 most significant fragrances. The fields of lavender in Furano city top the list; the ocean fog of the coastal Kushiro region is fourth. The list also includes handmade soba shops, an old bookstore and rainfall in rice paddy fields.”

The joy of having boys: so cute and sweet and I want children but I’m only 21 and have shit to do sad. Also from Cup of Joe, I’m so glad this series is starting up again for the summer!

“Born Sexy Yesterday,” a weirdass film trope that makes me wonder about men. And now I can’t stop thinking of examples!

The Backfire Effect, explained beautifully in cartoons.


Wish me luck!

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