Three “Inspirational” Quotes

The hiatus is almost over! Tomorrow is my last final so don’t expect a post from me then- but after that who can say? šŸ˜‰

I don’t feel like I can study another minutes at the moment so I’ll put a short list together. The final (in music history from 1800 to the present) is at 7 pm (7 pm. On a Sunday. I hear you scream.) so I’ll have plenty of time to re-review tomorrow.

Given my state of mind (post-apocalyptic wasteland) and the current season (college finals, high school AP exams. All across the country), I thought I would give a list of my favorite faux-inspirational quotes.

  • “It’s a trash can. Not a trash cannot.”
    So if you’re feeling like garbage, don’t despair. šŸ™‚
  • “If you feel like crap don’t worry. Someone else out there feels like shit.”
    Someone had written this in tiny letters on the wall of the group therapy room at my anorexia inpatient place. I appreciated it at least as much as the supportive posters. (Also, can I just say how good inpatient is at getting you into things like quotes and Pinterest?)
  • “Falling flat on your face is still moving forward.”
    Mmhm. Sure.

I was going into my first final yesterday with the mantra “Life is meaningless.”
It was pretty excellent yesterday, really puts things in perspective.

And don’t worry, my finals are going fine, but I’m still a fatalist.

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