Friday Links 5/12



I forgot to mention spoken word performances, Yale has a group called WORD which does some really excellent ones.

And since it is Friday, today is a links post! While I recognize that my more or less regular daily posting has already become sporadic (summer break woooooo), I’m going to be away in New York City this weekend, taking in some museums (and perfume stores and maybe a little shopping) and taking part in an interview that will ultimately decide the trajectory of my life, no big deal.
Links! before I start hyperventilating.

Why do Americans smile so much?
Well, clearly they weren’t looking at my face. 😛
But really a super interesting discussion of the value of body language in cultures that are generally made up of people from different linguistic backgrounds.

An inside look at Fyre Festival.
I have to admit I have immense feelings of schadenfreude about FF, the music festival that was not to be.

This video from The Onion is so great.

“Daddy, I want a squirrel!”

This Vogue director’s story of an Atelier fragrance that made her disloyal to her signature scent, Chanel No. 19. This is why my fragrances and I are in an open relationship. Communication is key.

An excellent article about being straightforward about what you’re looking for in relationships and what you feel about people. My experience certainly isn’t everyone’s, but the way people are expected to play games in new relationships is so exhausting.
As if you lose if you let the other person know you want to be with them? Because that’s unattractive? It’s nonsense.

That’s it, only a small number of links.

Happy weekend!

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