NYC Doings


Ahhh, I’ve fallen so far behind but what can I say, I’ve just been loving summer.
I was in NYC this past weekend- well, starting Sunday and then getting home ridiculously late last night/early this morning.
With Mom, for Mother’s Day and ending with that bit of interview that I mentioned earlier as the deciding factor in my life to come. I’ll be hearing back in five weeks or so. Keep your fingers and toes and everything crossed.

We mostly ate at Terri, which is this wonderful and casual vegan restaurant with two NYC locations. One day for breakfast I got a strawberry milkshake, half a chocolate chip cookie (Mom had the other half, queue ‘aaawwwws’), and an apple cider donut. Yum. And then another day for breakfast I had the delicious French Toast Sticks. And then a meatball sub for dinner. Just such good easy excellent and wholesome food. Plus smoothies, burgers, wraps, and all kinds.
Also Le Pain Quotidien, which is better in Paris.
Maoz, which are everywhere but where they have reliably good pita and falafel. Inexpensive, energizing and delicious.
We had all-vegan Chinese as well, I think at LuAnne’s Wild Ginger All-Asian Vegan. Excellent. I had seitan and vegetables.

I visited a few Second Time Arounds but didn’t buy anything (I’m feeling mighty satisfied with what I have and don’t feel like I would be happier with more- which I’m pretty sure goes against the human condition?)
But I’m getting more into cosmetics after a long period of uniform-face, which resulted in me testing a bunch of lipsticks in Sephora. And problematically I was very enthusiastic about trying liquid lipsticks (which are famously budge-proof) so trying more than one on in a day is a struggle. My condolences to the brave women who do lip swatches of ten or so at one go. Holy moly.
I also went to so many perfume stores, as I always do in NYC. But I’ll write more about which stores (and the samples I got!) tomorrow. Because perfume deserves its own post.
I went to NYC and spent no money?

The new Costume Institute exhibit featuring Rei Kawakubo was amazing.  The architecture of the exhibit, the clothes. gorgeous.  I do have some criticisms, more information on the famously elusive designer would have been welcome, and a better way of reading about the pieces on display then the thick brochure. Also didn’t like having some of the designs above floor level- they were difficult to see, which was sad.
Look, I’m an art critic.
The terra-cotta warriors at the Age of Empires exhibit. Those things are amazing, especially after having read about them since childhood as a wonder of the world.
As always, walking in Central Park.

Random Doings:
Our bus on the way back ran very late because 1) we got in a very minor accident but were then inundated and enmeshed by Greyhound’s bureaucratic yellow-tape protocol, and 2) we took a much slower route, for some reason that escapes me.
Mom thought her laptop was stolen but we found it, thank goodness.
We had a great moment running in from a sudden torrential downpour. I love that. Every summer.
And then we caught on television that Trump was tossing classified information about all willy nilly. Party in the USA.

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