Friday Fun Links 5/26


Rest in peace, Roger Moore, who passed away this week. I don’t generally talk about the personages the world loses, but this was such a lovely story I wanted to share it. He sounds like a wonderful man.

On the topic of yesterday, the blog’s 1 year birthday, it would seem as though many people followed the link through my Facebook page, because this is the first month that I have cracked 800 views (the next highest number was last month, with something in the 600s). So that’s very reassuring, especially since I was quite anxious going into the blog reveal (worst case scenario being absolutely no one responding 😛 )
But now that it’s over, it’s back into the swing of things with a regular Friday links post.

Remember my post about beautiful rainy day accoutrements? Look at these beautiful hand-embroidered umbrellas from Parasolerie Heurtault. Magical.

A letter from a woman who is both dance mom and dance teacher to other dance teachers: Please Stop Sexualizing Your Students. I personally have spent a few preteen performances in bikini-type costumes (cam, feathered, and otherwise) and a fair amount of fishnet… but I’m more bothered by it now than I was then. But there are a lot of reasons for that- an understanding of what it is to be objectified not least among them.

This instagram account of catalogues with added illustrations is good for a quick smile.

Go home, Harvard Crimson, you’re drunk.
(i.e., Boola Boola)

Speaking of Yale, the Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript, a c. 1420 book we have in Beinecke Library (Thanks for the link, Saran).
Personally I think it was written by a high-functioning madman with a taste for botany. Kind of like Nureyev, but more botany and fewer eye doodles.

Michelle Obama’s finally gotten to drop the First Lady mantle and expose the awesome amazing stylish (intelligent determined etc. etc.) woman beneath.
Michelle please marry me.

An excellent article from a few years back, still very relevant today: Why Do French Women Get Sexier as They Get Older?
A more accurate title: Why do we in America stop perceiving women as beautiful once they pass their third decade?

Want to see the popularity of your name over time? Check out this cool interactive map on

More name stuff- The Art of Naming has a post on the importance of sound in the naming process, and how different sound groups rise and fall in popularity over time.
Popular right now? Girl names ending in -a and letters like L, M, R, S, and V.

Do your parents do this too? Or, if you’re older- you and your significant other?
A webcomic on the mental work of being the “manager” of the household. Reminds me of a Yale Daily News article from earlier this year on male friends who expect you to oversee their schedules and… well, lives.

Science snaps back and Gwyneth Paltrow’s nonsense. Hope she brought her A game. And a bunch of yoni eggs and what not.

I think this article overstates it a bit, but it definitely has a point: the most likely people to kill you in a terrorist attack aren’t Muslims or people with mental health problems- they’re men.
There’s a lot to say about proportions here, and the relative number of Muslims and people with mental health problems compared to men. But generally… it has a point.

And I don’t have a link for this, but thinking about toxic masculinity, I really wanted to weigh in one more time on the Romphim controversy.  I think I was a little too dismissive of it last week. Any man of any sexual orientation or attitude can wear whatever he damn well pleases.
Seriously, masculinity so fragile it’s threatened by a fucking onesie?!

Mixed feelings about this ‘free range’ German preschool– as in 1) I would have had a lot of fun there, 2) with my accident prone nature, I would also have died there, and 3) I wouldn’t want my child sticking their fingers in dead birds or having their cuts covered by ‘medicinal plants’. I may be sometimes woo woo, but this is way overkill. Also, does it not strike you that this is something ONLY white people would do. Nobody has time for this experimental, faddish nonsense. But also can I come to the cookout?

That’s all for this week!

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