Friday Links 6/9: Not So Many


It’s not so many links this week, so I’m going to supplement with some basic life facts; I just finished Vanity Fair, which I believe was on my list of long books I had and hadn’t read, and have moved on to The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
I watched The Testament of Youth recently and really enjoyed it- somehow I seem to be picking out a lot of WWI, so I put a hole on Gallipoli at the library. It’s time. Bracing myself.  I’m also debating watching It Comes at Night at the theater. It looks like a good suspenseful family drama, more than a horror film. Maybe Lily and I can watch it next weekend if it’s still playing.
Speaking of visiting friends, Gabriella is here for the weekend and she has four tiny tiny kittens! We’re planning fun and a potential visit to the Pride Parade at Boston tomorrow.  What else? Visiting my aunt and uncle tomorrow meaning and possibly seeing another aunt next weekend.  It’s a lovely confluence of people I care about.
Anything else? I took my first parkour lesson yesterday and it was great fun.

Onto the links!

An amazing piece exploring the shortcomings of the conversation about cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is a concept I think a lot of people struggle with, and if that’s you I really suggest reading this to get a bit of perspective and perhaps understanding. Thanks for the link, Vasilije!
Also kudos to Teen Vogue for evolving into a formidable political publication.

Great minds think alike- by which I mean, I too have recently heard the siren song of the boiler suit.  But I’ll probably just stick with my (two) lovely jumpsuit(s). Still working on paring down my wardrobe and clothes consumption.

I guess I’ll have an easier time with that now that the consignment chain at which I buy the majority of my clothes has suddenly and unexpectedly shut down without reimbursing their consignors? Read about it here.

A new favorite youtube movie reviewer: MovieBob.

Some fragrant inspiration: How Frederic Malle creates a new perfume– or more accurately, how his interactions with his commissioned perfumers set up the concept for a new scent.

The falling popularity of biblical baby names. These graphs are so interesting!

I’ve thought about doing a post on my staple clothing items- and lo and behold, here’s some inspiration from one of my favorite blogs.

And now, because I’m still obsessed, a few interesting links about Wonder Woman (Go see it if you haven’t yet (or even if you have!)!)

An extended featurette. In case you want to see more Amazon training.

Why Women are Crying during Wonder Woman Fight Scenes. AKA- It’s not only me! I’m not weird- you’re weird.

And this really excellent movie review and discussion (no spoilers!) from Tom & Lorenzo.
I need to include quotes because they’re so perfect.

  • “A new template for the female hero emerges; one that doesn’t rely on the male gaze or a fetishized “badassedness” that obscures an inner life.”
  • “There’s such an ingrained expectation for women (onscreen and off, fictional and real) to be deferential; to slow down and let someone explain things to them. Even in action films with the requisite “badass female” characters, there’s always a sense that a confident women is, by her very nature, making a mistake. You never once get that sense with Diana, even as her entry into the world of men is clearly loaded with some naive assumptions about what she can do for it.”
  • “Diana “grows up” in this story without being shamed or pummeled into submission. She changes her perspective but is not fundamentally changed by her experiences. She is not, in other words, “taught a lesson.””

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