Clothes I Wear All the Time

I’ve been thinking of doing a post like this for a little while- essentially, clothes that I’ve worn to smithereens. It came about as part of trying to streamline my closet, giving up the things I hardly wore and didn’t need so I could get dressed more easily and focus more on the positivity of the things I had and really valued.  And the pieces I’ve worn for years and am extremely grateful for. So here’s a more spring/summer-y selection of clothes I’ve had for years and can’t imagine being without.

Linen army pants, Ann Taylor: I bought these on sale kind of spur of the moment and wear them all the time.  They have a very relaxed fit and don’t sag regardless of whether I wear them higher on my waist or at my hips. They came with their own cloth belt but I sometimes switch it out for a leather belt or thin scarf.  The paper bag-type waist looks great with a tucked in tee or button up or sweater or over a bodysuit or with a crop top. So basically, apart from being the most comfortable and durable pants, they’re so amazingly versatile. Peg them or tuck them into high boots and they still work.

Long-sleeved mariniere, Rodarte for Target: I picked this thin, relaxed-fit boat neck shirt up at a Buffalo exchange in NYC while I was still in middle school (or maybe it was early in high school) and it is (in terms of cost per wear) one of the best purchases I have ever made. I’ve worn it frequently for many many years, to the point that it is wearing to an even more comfortable thinness and I’ve had to mend it a few times.  So far this list is really far from original, but the classics are classic for a reason. And it doesn’t get much more quintessentially effortless than a Breton top.

Denim cutoffs shorts, Paige: I wore through an earlier pair and am now living in a pair given to me by my roommate’s mother, which I think she had cut off already, but I cut off more because I’m a bit less decent come summer.  Cutoffs are just the easiest thing ever.

White shorts, Zara (?): I think these are from Zara… I got them from a  consignment shop (one of the ones that just closed) and have had them for a long time. A good pair of white shorts is excellent for summer- if you want an all white look to reflect the sun or something to provide some contrast with a darker top.

Camel cashmere tee shirt, Autumn Cashmere and Burberry: I have two of these because I’m absolutely obsessed with them. The Autumn Cashmere one is a typical tee shirt shape and is a bit thicker, while the Burberry one has a more open neckline and a fluttery cap sleeve and hem. Also impossible to wear a bra with the Burberry one. Since I’m completely lackadaisical about wearing bras, it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s more obvious you’re not wearing a bra in the Burberry shirt. It’s such a lovely feeling, wearing something so soft and easy.

White tee shirt: Of course. I have no idea where I got this one. I mean at a consignment store, but no idea where it originally comes from.



Silk scarf, Dior: I found a lovely ivory Dior silk scarf with navy polka dots in a vintage stop for a ridiculously reasonable price a long time ago and I’m so much in love with it. I mostly wear it as a scarf or as a headband, sometimes around my wrist. I’m amazed its going as strong as it still is. There was this horrendous moment recently, on my most recent trip to New York, when I discovered that I had unknowingly gotten a fair amount of blood on it (stress-pulling at my cuticles). But it all washed out at the hotel and the scarf is as good as ever. I think it’s magic.

Silk tank top: I bought this large white silk tank top secondhand expecting to do a craft project with it, but I was lazy and never got around to it and have been wearing it as is for over six years.  There’s life for you.


Oversized fisherman sweater, Appleseed’s: I got this at Salavtion Army years ago and it’s the easiest thing to casually throw on in the autumn or on cool night, a walk on the beach, a chilly boat ride. It’s oatmeal colored and cable knit.

How about you? What are your staple items that you’ve essentially worn into the dirt over the course of the years? That you will always replace?


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