Wake & Bake (Breakfast)


I’m not a big fan of the American breakfast, except insofar as it involves home fries.  Ahhh, I wrote home fires and that is not what I meant!  Instead I lean toward baked goods (on the semi-sweet side).

Living Vacationing in France and Italy was brilliant because the countless local cafes and patisseries were stocked up with just the kind of thing I get a taste for in the morning.
But when I’m at home I settle down to baking for myself.  Baking is a lot of fun- it requires much more exactitude than ordinary cooking- and there’s less room for experimentation- but there’s also something so satisfying about the delicious smell of baking, the rising of sweet loaves, and the blossoming of muffin tops in their metal trays.

As a creature of habit- especially early in the morning- I have a few tried and true recipes that make the *most important meal of the day* even more special.

  • Banana Bread: The ultimate.
  • Buckwheat Crepes and Nutella: Dad makes vegan nutella for us at home, with less chocolate and more nuts, because it’s breakfast and sugar headaches first thing in the morning is no fun. And crepes are a lot of fun to make.
  • Bran Muffins: I started having these on a cruise because they were maybe the only vegan breakfast item and I got absolutely addicted to them. Yes, I got absolutely addicted to bran muffins. How much of a little old lady does that make me?
    At least I’ll always be regular.
  • Elephant Ears: Elephant Ears are kind of like cinnamon rolls, but less sweet and fluffy, and there’s no glaze.  This recipe originally comes from a children’s cookbook that I’ve had for ever ever so long now (The Alpha-Bakery, definitely recommended!) and I veganized it because I couldn’t live without them. And cut the flour to half whole wheat, because I’m like that.
  • Gingerbread Waffles: Yep! That’s them in the top! Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices, from a young age (probably because of some combination of cinnamon applesauce and elephant ears), and so these were kind of logical.

You know what I think? I need to introduce more pancakes.

How about you? What is your breakfast style?
Are you an eggs and bacon (scrambled tofu and bacon tempeh) babe?
A yogurt and granola zealot?
Or do you, like me, have dessert first thing?


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