Friday Links: 6/30 Edition


I have a lot of exciting news to share that I can’t share yet because not everyone in my physical life knows the news yet- but stay tuned for a thrilling announcement.
On a less significant but still exciting note: I won $150 dollars off of Dad this morning. It’s been a good day.

Other news: I’m away this weekend and into Tuesday, being back Tuesday night and possibly posting again on Wednesday. So a short hiatus, in honor of Independence Day and family visiting.  So instead of checking in here, do enjoy your barbecues and illegal fireworks, popsicles and movie nights with the family.

Other other news: I’ve been very excited by the growth of the blog in the past few months, and you may remember that last month was the first that views exceeded 1.0k.  This being the last day of the month, you may be interested in an update of the blog views- with 2 more views we will breach 1.0k yet again! Which generally does happen in a day, statistically. But it is early and presumptuous to celebrate, so again stay tuned for Wednesday for the final word.

Now back to the actual links game that we play every Friday:

  • The Secret to Small Talk, as discovered by observing Eli, a gregarious boy with Williams Syndrome- which “makes people extremely outgoing and irrepressibly friendly”.
    I’ve learned a lot from the ways that I personally am neuro-atypical. Discovering they different way’s people’s brains work and the different things it can teach us is a really beautiful thing. Eli sounds like a lovely boy.
  • Speaking of learning! Here is an adorable animated documentary about the clitoris! Also it’s in French (with subtitles)! Amusing, cute, and highly educational. (Also Freud sounds like a dick).
  • I needed this in my life: a subreddit dedicated to collecting photographs of places that could be the settings of Wes Anderson movies (lots of color and quirky order).  Which Wes Anderson movie would you most like to be sucked into? I’d have to pick Moonrise Kingdom- the first I ever saw and still my favorite.
  • Inside the mind of an adult woman watching “The Notebook” for the first time:
    “The old man voiceover tells me that Noah didn’t have two pennies to rub together, whereas Allie had everything. I understand the horrid newsboy cap is supposed to denote their differing socio-economic backgrounds.”
  • I know I’ve posted about this series before but I continue to LOVE it and how it looks at the beauty routine of a wide variety of women. This week; poet, writer, and performer Fatima Asghar.
  • NASA just figuratively slapped Gwyneth Paltrow re: her ‘NASA-technology’ healing stickers.
  • What a person’s Harry Potter house says about them. Hyun and I took both the Pottermore quiz and this one, and then took it again but answering for the other person, because we disagreed with one another’s results.  When we took it for each other we both were placed in Ravenclaw, but when we take these quizzes for ourselves I’m reliably placed in Hufflepuff and he’s straight to Slytherin.  I think I reliably underrate my intelligence and overrate my kindness and compassion- and I think Hyun for his part thinks he’s a bit more sinister than he is actually.
  • Need to bone up on your history? This less-then-20 minute video is hysterical and covers everything. Thanks Gabriella!
  • Courtesy of Man Repeller, “Six Celebrity Perfumes I Wish Were Real.”
    As a self-certified perfumista, I can say celebrity fragrances differ widely in quality. A favorite of mine: The very odd (I wouldn’t wear it) and orange-and-Rumi-themed Like This by Tilda Swinton for Etat Libre d’Orange.
    I would try an I Love Kanye fragrance. 😛

How about you? Any celebrity fragrances you’d like to see? What Hogwarts house do you get?
Any thoughts?

Enjoy the upcoming few days of hiatus!

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