Friday Links 7/14


It’s been a nice week- I hope on your end as well!
I’ve started picking up little things for my birthday (July 25th, mark your calendars!) and researching the tons of things that need to be done before I can… move to France? It would be easier to focus on the immediacy of the things that need to be done if this whole situation felt a bit less unlikely. But I am living in a dream world and apparently I still need a visa.

So what’s happening in the big wide world?

Well, I’ve signed up to Instagram and have been *gasp* preferring it over Pinterest, in terms of sources for inspirational material. @constancesuze, if you’re curious (which I don’t see why you would be because I haven’t posted anything). Curious about the username? It’s all part of my growing fondness for my full name- my full first name and my middle name. Which I was never exactly down on but I’ve always gone as just Connie. But both my first and middle are easily ‘Frenchified’- which makes me Constance Suzanne. Which is really quite pretty, when I think about it. (My middle name comes from my mother’s sister- whom I love very much! We’re alike in some fairly strange ways…)

Anyway, I should stop talking about myself and start talking about links. Which, because I selected them still say something about me (but less obnoxiously).

I googled ‘Massachusetts Man’ and the first thing to come up was: ” A Massachusetts man has gotten drivers to slow down for years with the help of a life-sized cutout of a police cruiser posted in his driveway.”

Happy weekend!


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