DSH Perfumes: My Dream Sample Order


DSH is one of my favorite fragrance brands despite being relatively (I own Mahjoun) under-represented in my collection.  What I like about DSH is the independent brand’s spirit, proliferous output, and the wide range of styles covered by their offerings.  They have beautiful florals, cozy gourmands, deep orientals, and lots besides.
And many of the scents are a bit inventive- which is really up my alley, as I’m likely to prefer ‘interesting’ to ‘easy to wear’ 9 times out of 10.  Not that DSH fragrances are hard to appreciate- but they have what seems to me to be more dimension and direction than many modern fragrances.

So that was all just a long-winded way of introducing the brand and justifying the large number of fragrances from it’s range that I want to try.

With blurbs from the website:

  • Foxy- A smart, sexy, and playful retro-nouveau animalic fragrance that features the fur accord paired with a spiced – boozy beginning, and a rich, ambery drydown.
    My deepest desire is to smell of small furry animals.
  • 1,000 Lilies- A fresh, yet exotic oriental lily perfume with spice and resin notes in the drydown.
    Liz Taylor as Cleopatra?
  • Au Lait- A milk with vanilla perfume; pure and simple.
    Would I smell like warm milk, ice cream, or like I just left that whipped cream party? Because really any of those options is acceptable.
  • Gekkou Hanami (Sakura Gazing in the Moonlight)- A luminous Spring-fresh scent with an exotic yuzu-infused sake note flowing into sakura blossoms, neroli, and down into a soft woody – incense base of cedar and frankincense.
    Time to revisit my feels from reading Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Book.
  • Dark Moon- A rich and sophisticated ‘chocolate chypre’ with notes of red wine, dark chocolate, and warming holiday spices.
    This is either the scent of seduction or the scent of my Mom after 7 pm.
  • Onycha- A woody, creamy, rich, GOLDEN, incense oriental fragrance with subtle oceanic brine and animalic nuances in background.
    Empirically I hate oceanic and salty smells, but the incense and animalic notes are drawing me in…
  • Musc al Madina- A dense and very dark, animalic musk with rich and earthy nuances.
    You’re only truly an animal lover when you want to smell like them 😉
  • Indus- Indus brings the aromatic allure of chai and the ancient romance of India into scent form.
    I don’t drink much tea (except rooibos) but I do love my chai pancakes.
  • La Belle Saison- A dreamy, ‘Impressionist’, all-botanical lilac-centric floral perfume.  The waft of a late spring day with a bright dewy opening that quiets down to a soft skin scent, eventually landing at the soft acacia honey, heliotrope, and ambrette in the drydown.
    There is no word in this description that was not specifically chosen to tempt me.
  • La Danse des Bleus et des Violettes- An impressionist approach to a garden of blue and violet flowers: violets, irises, and lilacs, with a moist, softly mineral feel and delicate woody drydown.
    You can’t see my garden, but take my word for it- it’s all varying shades of purple. I need to be true to myself.
  • Reveries de Paris- A modern narrative infused, fruity-floral-chypre-animalic perfume steeped in the classical French style.
    You know, you may not have guessed it but I’m /kind of/ a fan of France. (How to italicize italics?)
  • Route d’Iris- A dewy, fresh take on the iris flower accord; a water-color of iris, violet, and a soft musk base.
    If I were a tiny fairy I would bathe in iris dew.
  • Wild Honeysuckle- A fresh honeysuckle floral perfume with delightful green nuances in the topnote.
    I’ve been licking up honeysuckle nectar from the vine in the garden since before I can remember so… I do like honeysuckle. Taken both internally and externally.
  • French Lily- Le Premier Mai : the essence of Spring in a bottle.  Greens, muguet, and rich animalic nuances in the drydown.
    Always on the lookout for a replacement of my vintage Diorissimo. Nothing lasts forever.
  • April- Just as the name implies, April is a Spring fresh fruity-floral with refreshing leafy green nuances, subtle green fruit notes, and a soft, floral  – musk drydown.
    Guys, it comes with a poem. How could I not?
  • Poppy- A spiced, fruity-floriental perfume with rich peach and fig leaf topnotes that blossom into a fiery heart of jasmine-tea, carnation, and nutmeg.  The drydown is a warm and enveloping base of amber, patchouli, clove tobacco, and musk.
    This one comes with a poem /and/ some great ad copy. And because I /do/ want to smell like “a riot of vibrancy infused with the spark of life itself”, this is where we find ourselves.

Have you tried any of these? Which looks most enticing to you?

(This photo of Colette has nothing to do with anything- I just quite like it)

3 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes: My Dream Sample Order”

  1. This totally made my day. 😀 Thank you so much for your dreaming of DSH perfumes and for the moments when I chuckled out loud. ❤ ❤ ❤


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