Playlist: Long Sultry Summer


The first of my anemone flowers started blooming yesterday, which means summer is drawing to a close. Or more accurately, that the end of summer is drawing to a beginning.

Summer isn’t really saying goodbye until the asters and goldenrod are in full swing.

My plane tickets have been bought- my ticket, really, because as of yet there is no return trip.  A one way trip to Charles de Gaulle.

And I may have watched the last film that I will watch that takes place in my city- the last one before I go. It was Gone Baby Gone.  I love it when films make detours to my hometown to find unsavory people, murder victims, and other desperate characters. My favorite movie trope.
And I’ve decided that Jared Leto and Casey Affleck share a category in my head- creepy and lanky white boy actors who seem to take themselves too artistically seriously and who I don’t want to meet.  Much as I admire Jared Leto’s ability to wear way too much Gucci at once. And much as I admire Casey Affleck’s… nothing really, never mind.

Okay, bitchery over.
If this truly is the last hurrah of summer, I want to share some music that gives me that lazy, hazy, basking in the heat feeling.
Call it music to pair with warm blood, a soft breeze, and summer love.

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley
    The best thing I got from The Conjuring franchise. Unless Annabelle Creation is seriously good.
  • Shadow Man- Spencer Day
    Mmmm, I’m already imagining rumba choreography.
  • Le Vent Nous Portera- Noir Desir
    Stole this one from Dad, because sometimes Dad’s have okay taste in music.
  • Summertime- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    One of my big ones this summer.
  • Heavenly Shower- Lisa Ekdahl
    Summer love, summer rain.
  • Summer Wine- Nancy Sinatra
    I wonder what an angel’s kiss in spring tastes like? Probably good?
  • Le Temps de l’Amour- Francoise Hardy
    Good luck finding a summer playlist I won’t put this song on.
  • High By the Beach- Lana del Rey
    Be sure to sunblock first.
  • Lilac Wine- Nina Simone
    Simultaneously so smooth and so gritty. Another big favorite this summer.
  • Une Histoire de Plage- Brigitte Bardot
    Super simple and bare.
  • Californication- Barbara Mendes
    Red Hot Chili Peppers by way of bossa nova.
  • Miss You- Carla Bruni
    Rolling Stones by way of France’s ex-first lady and samba. Wouah.
  • The Girl from Ipanema- Astrud Gilberto
    A perennial summer favorite for me.
  • Mala Vida- Nouvelle Vague
    My new favorite Nouvelle Vague.
  • Lujon- Henry Mancini
    Strictly instrumental.

Any favorite sultry summer songs on your end? Anyone else want Michelle Obama to do a Rolling Stones cover?

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