Boston-ish Restaurants At Which I Want to Eat

Over the past few years, I haven’t been a big one for eating out. 1) Anorexia obsessiveness has made it difficult, 2) I love cooking and eating homemade food, and 3) veganism. But that’s all changed recently and I’ve gotten a sudden yen to explore the Boston area food scene.

The first symptom was probably my desire to do the much more delicious version of a pub crawl- my vegan pizza tour of the Greater Boston area. Which was super successful and very yummy.
And then this past weekend my grandparents were visiting, and in the hopes of finding that rare restaurant that they would like and my parents and I could eat at, I fell down the rabbit hole of Boston’s vegan Yelp sector.

And now suddenly there are something like eight restaurants I want to check out before I leave for France in something like three weeks (GAH).

  • Lucy Ethiopian Cafe, Boston: Since Yale (and the influence of Lalibela) I’ve become a somewhat immense fan of Ethiopian food. I love cooking it and I love eating it. Just check out all of the vegetarian combo dishes! Mmm, yellow combo…
  • Zhu, Arlington: Ooo, a Pan-Asian vegan restaurant. My spider senses are tingling (as they say). There’s seitan. There’s edamame. There are scallion pancakes. Also, I’m not an adventurous eater, so I won’t be having a banana spring roll for dessert (also I don’t eat dessert?)- but can I just say that sounds super cool?
  • My Thai, Boston: Apparently I went to this Chinatown restaurant when I was a tiny and it was called something else, but i don’t remember much beyond stroking a Buddha statue’s belly. (Was this the place I spilled soda before we saw Clone Wars in the theater?). I have one word three words for you. Tofu chicken fingers. Also, what is a crispy tofu cigar? This may be as close as I get to that devil-may-care smoky parisienne lifestyle. My lungs thank me.
  • by Chloe, Boston: This is the Boston outpost (located in the Seaport area, a place I am familiar with thanks to the annual Boston Flower Show) of a NYC restaurant that I wasn’t able to get to the last time I was in Manhattan. There’s also one near Fenway but I hate the area around Fenway. Too many hospitals. Anyway, by Chloe appears to have lots of sexy looking burgers, mac n cheese, and ice cream (I scream).
  • Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge: My parents have been to Veggie Galaxy a few times, but somehow I have never ended up there myself. And thus have never experienced the Cauli of the Sea or Seitan Cutlet of the week. Nor have I had the chance to cherry pick from their resplendent brunch offerings. Sad, as our eloquent president would say.

So maybe you noticed that that’s only five when I mentioned a number like eight? I eliminated a few based on menu and location.
If you’re interested, they are as follows: The Red Lentil, Fruition Vegan Kitchen, and another one I forget.

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