In My Room and Close to My Heart

I don’t talk about my bedroom much. It’s my favorite room of the house (the kitchen being  close second) despite the fact that I don’t spend much time in there.  My bedroom is solely for sleeping, prepping for the day, prepping for the night, and more-frequent-than-I-would-like-to-admit private dance performances.

That’s really what it comes down to. My room feels very private to me- like my own inner sanctum. I don’t take pictures in it.  Even the cats aren’t allowed in (mostly because they think it’s their god-given purpose to knock shit over in my closet).

My room is also filled with my treasures- beyond my favorite books, my clothes, and the other things that carry me through daily existence, there are a few things that I can’t imagine I won’t be holding onto forever. Just because I’m attached to them.

While I was doing two hours of yoga in my room today (surprise, it’s also for yoga) in an effort to soothe hellish cramps, I took a little time to a) listen to music and b) look around my room and appreciate this little personal enclave I’ve created over the past two decades. Which I’m going to leave soon (for a room in Versailles with a rococo dresser, in a house a few minutes walk from countless boulangeries and a Sephora- but still).

Here are the little whosits and whatsits (galore) that encompass the treasures of my room:

  • A collection of glazed elephant figurines that my Dad personally collected.
  • A pair of gilded candlesticks with a leafy vine design that I bought in the middle of nowhere, PA. They’ve been over my headboard at home and at Yale.
  • My also gilded doorstop, a molded dog of the French Bulldog/Boston Terrier type. He’s my favorite except I recently tripped over him in the middle of the night (my toe may be broken) and so now our relationship is a bit on the rocks. It takes time to trust again.
  • The small framed illustration of a duck, currently over my desk, which I bought at an antique shop in Upstate New York. I bring my duck everywhere.
  • A line painting of a horse that I bought for a dollar and subsequently had framed.
  • Wall tiles from our old kitchen, before dad and I demolition-ed and renovated. They’re painted and labeled with a different herb on each. I kept three and have them on tile holder things.
  • The dried stump of a pumpkin that I found on the sidewalk years ago. I think it was leftover from someone’s Halloween pumpkin. I love it. It’s very tactile.
  • A pin from my grandmother (originally my great grandmother’s) with no back. It’s an enameled green beetle with gold spots on a gold frond.
  • Pretty boxes that store my makeup and empty samples. Two are empt Roger & Gallet soap boxes, one is an Hermes box, and one I have no idea. I love the colors and patterns.
  • A gold votive candle holder with a leafy design similar to the candlesticks over the bed.

That’s everything.

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