All the Summer Film Releases I Saw, Ranked


Is It a summer film, or no?
I generally consider Labor Day weekend to be my personal boundary between summer and fall- it makes sense based on the meteorology around these parts, if it’s not astrologically correct.

I’m going to include it.
And then if I do a fall list (Autumn ends in early-mid November) I’ll include it in there too.

Let the countdown start (from best to not as best)!

  1. Baby Driver: I bet you didn’t see that one coming.
  2. Dunkirk: Fantastic.
  3. Wind River: Really bleak and affecting.
  4. It: I’m never going near a storm drain again.
  5. Wonder Woman: (The only) Excellent female superhero film, hampered by the ‘Born Sexy Yesterday’ trope (google it) and a clunky third act. Still, I cried during the fight scenes and I want to live with the Amazons.
  6. The Hitman’s Bodyguard: Stupid but great.
  7. Annabelle: Creation: Too many jump scares, should not have watched it in the theater. Alone. But a good, solid horror film.
  8. Logan Lucky: Cute, but I felt kind of like the actors were having more fun than I was.
  9. The Big Sick: I talked about this a bit earlier- ultimately i was disappointed with it, even though ultimately it was a sweet film.
  10. Lady Macbeth: Weird. Yikes.
  11. Atomic Blonde: From here and below, I couldn’t finish the films. Style over substance, clearly directed by a man, didn’t get into it.
  12. Rough Night: Okay, I did finish it but it was bad. But Kate McKinnon.
  13. Girls’ Trip: I’m not good at broad comedies.

I’m not including the newest Pirates of the Caribbean because I have a deep loyalty to that franchise, no matter what kind of nonsense it decides to release. Also didn’t include Tulip Fever, which wasn’t a good film but I decided to watch purely on a style and aesthetic basis (i.e. tulips, period costumes, Alicia Vikander, that guy, etc.)

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