Favorite Color Combinations


My flight is tonight at 9:20 and I’m too keyed up to write anything very profound- so I thought i would rattle off some of my favorite color combinations.
By rights, this post should have been a list of children’s books I wish I had discovered as a child (as I had planned), but that will have to wait.

In all likelihood, I won’t be posting tomorrow given the mad scramble to get settled in Versailles/Le Chesnay- but if I do post tomorrow, it will be from the country of France.
How weird.

  • Navy blue and hot pink
  • Turquoise and goldenrod
  • Burgundy and camel
  • Powder blue and purple
  • Magenta and light blue
  • Emerald and pewter
  • China blue and buttermilk
  • Midnight blue and china red
  • Olive and navy

Trying to eschew basic color combinations of neutrals or different shades of the same color.

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