Words in French and English


It’s time for a words post with an added dimension of fun- I’m also going to include words that I’m learning here in France. I hope to get around to an update post soon, with a general list of experiences and fun things and weird experiences like the fact that I locked myself out of my house today (whoops).

Anyway, words.

The annoying thing is I thought of one going to sleep last night and din’t write it down because I was too tired to get up, figuring I would remember it- and of course I forgot it.

En anglais:

  • plethora
  • ululate
  • tuchus: The booty
  • scrofula: A tuberculosis-related disease
  • frittata
  • neonate: A scientific name for a baby about which you have no fuzzy feelings.
  • asinine
  • hoi polloi
  • cummerbund
  • gramophone
  • sturgeon: Les poissons les poissons
  • burgeon
  • curmudgeon
  • cahoots: A fun thing to be in.

En français:

  • flouer: to con or dupe. This is from an advertisement for the new Tom Cruise film. I think it’s called American Made in the US, but here it’s going by American Traffic. Or maybe Barry Seal. Honestly there’s a lot of confusing things about those posters.
  • brouillard (m): fog, mist
  • maso (m): short for masochiste. I saw this on a weird advertisement.
  • rêche: Rough. My inspiration being reading the back of a bottle of conditioner. You have no idea how hard it is to pick conditioner when you don’t know any of the adjectives.

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