Favorite Films of the Decade, 2011

Fun fact, 2011 was a really bad year for films.  I only have two favorites.

  • Rango: Yes, the animated Western about a lizard (?) contending with a drought and a posse, featuring a cameo from an also-animated Man With No Name.  Rango is odd, charming, oddly charming and charmingly odd in all the best ways.
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil: You know the horror trope where savage hillbillies hunt down and kill visiting city kids/people?  This horror-comedy upends that entirely- in that mild-mannered hillbillies Tucker and Dale only murder the kids through a series of unforeseeable accidents.  But maybe the kids are actually out to get them? Warning for excessive blood and gore.

I have not yet seen: I Saw the Devil, Point Blank, Warrior, Moneyball, The Skin I Live In, Shame, We Need to Talk About Kevin, or Pina.
So maybe those would round out my list? Because all in all, this is sad.

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