Spectacular Seuss


My break continues to go well, although my back’s a mess after all the post- Winter storm Stella shoveling I did yesterday.  Because it was such a wet and heavy snow all that was on the ground had cemented into something rather brick-like.
But it’s good for cardio, right? And having been semi-sedentary since Winter Ball, the feeling of being so wiped and wrung out was pleasant.  And I have a massage tonight, which will hopefully take care of my back, though I’m not sure what to do about the palms of my hands being bruised.

Anyway, have you heard of Dr. Seuss? A silly question because most everyone has, chances are you even have a favorite story.  I wanted to mention some of my favorites, which tend to be lesser known.
I promise there are some generally popular things I love, but I do tend to go my own way when it comes to literature and film. And there’s a good reason this time! The classic books were all ones we read (or had read to us) in school, while the more obscure stories were the ones I had at home, in a lovely compendium called ‘Six By Seuss’ (which definitely had more than six stories in it?). It’s still on my bookshelf.
And reading a book over and over again at home is always a different (better) memory that reading at school. Continue reading “Spectacular Seuss”


Unusual Flower Names for Girls

Break has continued to be a whirlwind of activity flying under the title of ‘relaxation’. Hunkering down during today’s snowstorm, helping Dad give his head a shave, and hosting the traveling company of Yale’s Ballroom Team yesterday for numerous rounds of mafia and numerous pizzas.

Despite being fairly exhausted and feeling a bit of apathy about writing, I’ve decided to just pin myself down for a bit and churn out a post from an idea I had a little while ago- the feminine counterpart to the Flower Names for Boys post.

Obviously flower names for girls are rather more common- we’re all very familiar with classic flower names like Rose and Lily, Violet and Jasmine. But there are many more flora sources if you’re looking for more whimsical/spunky, less standard/traditional girl names. Continue reading “Unusual Flower Names for Girls”

Memom’s Bookshelf


I’m not making any apologies for a certain three day hiatus I just took, but I will make explanations! My Spring Break just started and while you would think that means I have more time on my hands, it’s quite the opposite- I’m back home in Boston doing lots of housework and cooking to help my parents out during Dad’s post-amputation period. And while that may sound like a no fun kind of break, it’s actually a great relief. Twiddling my thumbs at university has been a bit hard when I know how Dad’s going through a major life change and Mom is exhausted trying to keep up with everything. Being unleashed on this house and allowed to tackle dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and every other chore under the sun is a relief.

I’ve also fallen behind on my reading and movie-viewing, but I’m not missing it because there are more important things I’d rather be doing in my leftover time- namely choreography for Spring Show and studying for an upcoming midterm in Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination.  And applying to grad schools and jobs, of course.

So I’m back with a short little list about the children’s books I used to read when I was visiting Memom and Pop Pop in Pennsylvania. 🙂 Good times, simpler times. Continue reading “Memom’s Bookshelf”

Current Trends v. Practicality

This is a topic that’s been on my ‘Blog Ideas’ list for a little while, and I realized that as the seasons change, tackling it is becoming a now or never sort of thing. Time waits for no one. Soon enough, the trends I don’t like now will fade out and be replaced with other styles I find similarly distasteful.

Not that there aren’t trends I don’t like- I simply find a bemused feeling of fond irritation to be my natural element. And that’s how I feel about the obsession with hygge, so let’s begin. Continue reading “Current Trends v. Practicality”

Winter Ball, the Last

“Winter Ball comma the Last”

It’s very weird because ballroom dance has been my big extracurricular all throughout college, and yes, I’ve had plenty of previous dance experience, but ballroom was never something I had done before. Now that senior year is drawing to a close (it still feels unlikely, but Lily was just telling me that her last final is two months from today), I can feel my ballroom aspirations and enthusiasms also naturally winding down. I’m grateful, because I don’t want to leave Yale and miss ballroom too desperately- I want the mental space to make new choices and try new things.
Of course I still love spending time with the team. Just as ballroom has been my main/only extracurricular, it’s also been my biggest social outlet at Yale. The people on the team are not just “my team” but some of my best friends, and I hope to stay in touch with them for many years to come. The fact that I’ve stayed in close touch with a few previous graduates bodes well.
Ballroom dance may end up, for me, becoming inextricably linked with my Yale experience- my college self- and being one of the sweetest parts. Just how horses and horseback riding is so much bound up with middle school and high school, and Girl Scouts with elementary.
If we can learn anything from history, it’s that if I leave ballroom behind I’ll still love it and miss it, just as I miss horses (but less so riding, which started to get very stressful when I reached a certain competitive level). And even if I leave ballroom behind chances are that I’ll still be dancing, somehow, somewhere. I’ve been dancing for more than ten years and I can’t imagine life without doing something like that (even if it’s only social or… in the privacy of my room with the music loud 😉 ). Continue reading “Winter Ball, the Last”

Intimidating and Read

Spring boarding off my post of yesterday, I decided to write a post about the longest books that I have read.  At least the longest books that I’ve read and would recommend. It’s a list that makes me feel accomplished (I read so many words!) and kind of nervous, because maybe I’ve already finished all of the best long books… It’s hard to know whether you’re going to die before you finish reading everything you want to, or whether you’re eventually going to find a place where you’ve found and read all of the things that appeal to you most. Both strike terror into my heart.

I once again cut off the list at 800 pages, with the lengths given according to Amazon.com.  Some books I real (Moby Dick, The Woman in White, etc.) felt like they should be in here but are apparently not so long as I imagined. Or perhaps Amazon is selling them as large-paged books with tiny fonts? Anyway, they must be omitted, no matter how exquisite and verbose they seemed. Continue reading “Intimidating and Read”

Intimidating and Unread

Inspired by this post that I randomly ran across, I’m creating a list of the most intimidating (read: long and/or difficult) books that I haven’t yet read- but plan to.
I’m very proud to admit that of their ten, I’ve read six- but also a bit ashamed because I’m reminded of my tendency to put off the longest and scariest of books for as long as possible. It’s hard to make that kind of commitment.

the last long book I read was Swann’s Way, and I’m waiting for my next break (coming up in a week!) to approach part two of Remembrance of Thing’s Past, In The Shadow of Young Girls in Flower.

And while I have no desire to read Ulysses and Ayn Rand is anathema, a few are ones that I share with the list originator. Thanks to Parchment Girl for this idea! Continue reading “Intimidating and Unread”