Friday Links 6/16


It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for another links post, and somehow June just keeps on slipping by.

What are your plans for this weekend?
I have a visit from my aunt and her new guy (new because I haven’t met him, though they’ve been together for I think over a year). I love Aunt Susan- we’re kind of a lot alike, in how we think.  Do you remember when, growing up, you stopped feeling the disconnect between yourself and adults? And how amazing it was relating to them as actual people (as opposed to caregivers or cousin-argument-arbiters)?
And Sunday is Father’s Day- we’re planning a nice family brunch at The Friendly Toast (which looks delicious- except I can’t for the life of me tell what is vegan and what isn’t). Continue reading “Friday Links 6/16”

Friday Links 5/5


One final down and two to go. Again I apologize for the lack of content but I haven’t had the wherewithal to write anything between studying and collapsing from mental exhaustion- guys, I’ve been taking naps! It’s crazy and unheard of!

But I’m going to unload the links because there are some pretty fun ones and I don’t want to be buried in them.  But for now nothing else.  But regularly scheduled programming should resume after my last final on the 7th.  Really, I’ve been so busy I realized I haven’t even changed my desktop background for the month, so I have none to show you. Maybe next week, because picking the perfect background takes focus. You have to look at it for a month, after all. Continue reading “Friday Links 5/5”

Friday Fun Links 4/28


A Friday off, it’s just like last semester! Except this time it’s because I’m essentially done with my classes (except for an optional Music History session on Monday (at which I will be) and a mini English conference on Wednesday).  It’s really just reading period and exams from here on out.
This is the first time I’m finishing up a year of classes with no guarantee of further classes ahead of me.  School has always been a kind of constant expectation, and it’s very weird to, for the first time, not necessarily expect it to continue.

In short, I can feel the encroaching existential dread.
But, with every new milestone (last ballroom show, last day of classes, etc.) I’ve been buying myself a little present, usually about $10 or under.  So now I have a new rosewater facial toner which is quite lovely, and a few mL of Tubereuse by Mona di Orio awaiting me at home.
And yes, I know that my rampant consumerism is just a distraction, a search for a false sense of security to stave off my anxiety about my future.  But hey, at least, when the breakdown comes, I will smell good and have glowing skin. 😛 Continue reading “Friday Fun Links 4/28”

Easter Memories

Four cute baby rabbits

Easter’s not a holiday I put much stock in anymore.  I’ve never been religious and the idea of celebrating someone rising from the grave seems decidedly more vampiric than divine to me.

But we did celebrate as a family when I was young, when egg hunts, berries, and candy held much more interest than they do now (to be honest, berries are still pretty exciting).
So a list of things I personally remember or have been told about past Easters, in a roughly chronological order.

How about you? Any Easter memories that you’d like to share? Continue reading “Easter Memories”

How ‘Great Illustrated Classics’ Ruined My Life


Okay, so that is a bit melodramatic and more than a bit unfair.

For those of you who don’t know, Great Illustrated Classics is a series by Baronet Books, a “treasury of 66 classic titles, a collection of books beautifully illustrated and adapted for young readers.” They carried a ton of them in my elementary school and my middle school. And I read a ton of them.

The problem is that they’re really just dumbed down versions of books that are great creations in their own right, true classics that deserve to be read and appreciated for themselves, without having read a scrubbed clean and stripped down outline beforehand.  I read almost all of the Illustrated Classics. I now wish I had waited a few years to read the original works or had read the original works right then and there- some of them are annotations of books that were children’s books to begin with!

That said, my feelings are a bit unfair because I’m very much aware that the Illustrated Classics, all being gathered in one place, facilitated my love of literature, particularly classics. Would I be so into catching up on the classics now if I hadn’t had those easily digestible finger foods back in the day? (To stretch this analogy to the breaking point- if an Ilustrated Classic is a Hostess Ding Dong (another thing I haven’t had since elementary school), the original books are usually Triple Chocolate Tortes- do those even exist?)
You can see the complete library of Illustrated Classics here. But I’m going to break down the ones that I read into two categories: books I wish I had waited to read in their original form and books I wish I had just read in their original form right then and there (late elementary to early middle school)- the books that my kids (Mashallah) will have on their shelves. Continue reading “How ‘Great Illustrated Classics’ Ruined My Life”

Ice Cream Flavors


Ice cream is a delightful thing and I like having it for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). Because  rarely have dessert and if you keep your meals normally balanced and healthy, what could be wrong with setting aside one of them to feed your soul?
While these aren’t necessarily my favorite ice cream flavors, they are the ice cream flavors of my life. My life, as told in ice cream. You know how you can tell when fossils come from based on what stratified rock layer they’re located in? This is like an ice cream layer cake, with the bottom most being the ice cream of my youngest youth and the top layer the scoops I get these days, at FoMu. Continue reading “Ice Cream Flavors”

Spectacular Seuss


My break continues to go well, although my back’s a mess after all the post- Winter storm Stella shoveling I did yesterday.  Because it was such a wet and heavy snow all that was on the ground had cemented into something rather brick-like.
But it’s good for cardio, right? And having been semi-sedentary since Winter Ball, the feeling of being so wiped and wrung out was pleasant.  And I have a massage tonight, which will hopefully take care of my back, though I’m not sure what to do about the palms of my hands being bruised.

Anyway, have you heard of Dr. Seuss? A silly question because most everyone has, chances are you even have a favorite story.  I wanted to mention some of my favorites, which tend to be lesser known.
I promise there are some generally popular things I love, but I do tend to go my own way when it comes to literature and film. And there’s a good reason this time! The classic books were all ones we read (or had read to us) in school, while the more obscure stories were the ones I had at home, in a lovely compendium called ‘Six By Seuss’ (which definitely had more than six stories in it?). It’s still on my bookshelf.
And reading a book over and over again at home is always a different (better) memory that reading at school. Continue reading “Spectacular Seuss”