Three “Inspirational” Quotes

The hiatus is almost over! Tomorrow is my last final so don’t expect a post from me then- but after that who can say? ūüėČ

I don’t feel like I can study another minutes at the moment so I’ll put a short list together. The final (in music history from 1800 to the present) is at 7 pm (7 pm. On a Sunday. I hear you scream.) so I’ll have plenty of time to re-review tomorrow.

Given my state of mind (post-apocalyptic wasteland) and the current season (college finals, high school AP exams. All across the country), I thought I would give a list of my favorite faux-inspirational quotes. Continue reading “Three “Inspirational” Quotes”

My Last Ballroom Pieces


The end of an era. ¬†Said era being my college life. This past Friday was the Yale Ballroom Team’s Spring Show, and quite possibly my last ballroom dance performance ever. ¬†So, in the spirit of closure, this post will be a list of the two pieces I performed, the one piece I scrapped, and video links to youtube, where the team just uploaded them.

Also interesting is that in a month and a day this blog will turn one year old. ¬†It’s my intention, on that day, to make this blog public to people following me on Facebook. ¬†I wanted to know myself, know what I wanted to do, and know that I could maintain it before I shared it with people who know me as a person. ¬†But honestly I am kind of proud of this pet project, and I do enjoy it. So. One month and one day. The countdown begins. (Also incidentally May 25th, the blogiversary, is two months until my birthday). Continue reading “My Last Ballroom Pieces”

New Haven Eats


I wish Yale’s dining plan was set up more like Northeastern University’s. ¬†The huskies are able to use their meal cards at local restaurants while we poor bulldogs are helplessly in thrall to a strict dining hall system.

As a vegan this is kind of troublesome, especially when the meal options are limited (and the plan is expensive!)
It’s especially frustrating when one considers how many excellent vegan dining options there are in the New Haven area. ¬†I mean, I get that New Haven is famous for its pizza- but let me tell you, there is nothing quite like Ethiopian Food or a good plate of Mike’s Nachos (see number ).

So if you’re heading to New Haven, these are the places I recommend you pop in at, vegan or no! Continue reading “New Haven Eats”

Winter Ball, the Last

“Winter Ball comma the Last”

It’s very weird because ballroom dance has been my big extracurricular all throughout college, and yes, I’ve had plenty of previous dance experience, but ballroom was never something I had done before. Now that senior year is drawing to a close (it still feels unlikely, but Lily was just telling me that her last final is two months from today), I can feel my ballroom aspirations and enthusiasms also naturally winding down. I’m grateful, because I don’t want to leave Yale and miss ballroom too desperately- I want the mental space to make new choices and try new things.
Of course I still love spending time with the team. Just as ballroom has been my main/only extracurricular, it’s also been my biggest social outlet at Yale. The people on the team are not just “my team” but some of my best friends, and I hope to stay in touch with them for many years to come. The fact that I’ve stayed in close touch with a few previous graduates bodes well.
Ballroom dance may end up, for me, becoming inextricably linked with my Yale experience- my college self- and being one of the sweetest parts. Just how horses and horseback riding is so much bound up with middle school and high school, and Girl Scouts with elementary.
If we can learn anything from history, it’s that if I leave ballroom behind I’ll still love it and miss it, just as I miss horses (but less so riding, which started to get very stressful when I reached a certain competitive level). And even if I leave ballroom behind chances are that I’ll still be dancing, somehow, somewhere. I’ve been dancing for more than ten years and I can’t imagine life without doing something like that (even if it’s only social or… in the privacy of my room with the music loud ūüėČ ). Continue reading “Winter Ball, the Last”

YBDT Showpieces


Hey you! Now that Winter Ball is over and I’ve written my essay on Gender Imitation and Insubordination in Macbeth, I have a little spare time and brain space to come up with another list.

The Yale Ballroom Dance Team has been my main extracurricular and social activity ¬†for the last soon-to-be four years. ¬†I had never done ballroom dance before (unless you count quinceanera salsa, bachata, and merengue). ¬†But most of the team here had never done ballroom before joining. Some of us hadn’t even danced before (Pro tip: we’re the only dance group at Yale that doesn’t have auditions).

We compete and have two big shows a year- Winter Ball and Spring Show, in addition to smaller shows like Icebreaker at the beginning of the year, ‘gigs’ when we go on tour over Spring Break, and Caliente (our pre-freshman recruitment show).

And now I only have one more show left before I’m gone! ¬†Time to take a walk down memory lane and look back at my show pieces over my ‘bright college years’. Continue reading “YBDT Showpieces”

Four Courses


Many apologies because I have something like zero time today (AGGGHHHH) and am feeling a bit frenzied- can you tell? It’s just a lot of dance practice and posts that I want to write but want to put a lot of time into, which I can’t just this minute.

But I know! Sundance Film Festival is happening and there are a lot of movies to look forward to in 2017! The Oscar nominations just dropped this morning and I have thoughts (what else is new?)! I recently watched Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and La La Land (When to fit in the three-hour Fences, who knows?)! And I finished Laughable Loves by Kundera last night and am moving on to Reflections in a Golden Eye by Carson McCullers!


Also you know how I was talking about going with the flow yesterday, and how without bread sometimes you need to give up on your ambitions of a sandwich day? Today was a sandwich day. Mmm, yeah. I love peanut butter.

So what classes am I taking this semester? Continue reading “Four Courses”

Regretted Classes and Fate

I’ve been thinking a lot about going with the flow recently. ¬†One of my downfalls is that I have a tendency to become too obsessed with what I envision, which can make me inflexible and anxious when things don’t go as planned. ¬†This applies to major life changes, like college admissions, and very trivial things, like planning a sandwich day and then discovering the dining hall has absolutely no bread.

A lot of different things have been said about accepting fate. ¬†Go with the flow. Leave it to God. ¬†And also admitting that sometimes it’s just not a sandwich day, and that that’s fine.

I’ve also seen one of those pseudo-inspirational quotes (if you love it I apologize in advance) saying “Only dead fish go with the flow.” ¬†I have a few problems with this- the fist being that it’s patently false. ¬†Fish frequently go with the flow. ¬†That’s what makes it so remarkable when salmon swim upriver to spawn. ¬†The second is that I think the quote’s moral is very ill-advised. ¬†“Fight fate or you might as well be dead.” ¬†“Make your life one of never-ending struggle and pain just because.”
There’s nothing inherently wrong with ‘the easy way’, and what’s more, life is rarely divided so simplistically into an easy way and hard way. ¬†The ways are all just… different. Continue reading “Regretted Classes and Fate”

Not a Big Sign Guy


Did any of you go to any of the Woman’s Marches spread around the US- or France, or Antarctica? ¬†Apparently it was the biggest protest in the US history, and I’m pretty inspired. ¬†It just shows what we can do when we come together. ¬†Not that the march achieved any concrete gains for women, POC, LGBTQ, or trans people, but I’m feeling a lot less alone. ¬†There is a resistance.

President Trump *shudder* has only been president very briefly, but I’m reminded of it by the increasing number of small dystopian things happening- like Canadians being turned away from the US border so that they couldn’t participate in yesterday’s march and the disappearance of references to LGBTQ folks, climate change, and civil rights from the White House website.

And then there’s the information that is coming out of the White House, statistics that are disturbing in just how delusional they are. ¬†Trump has claimed that the crowds drawn by his Inauguration outnumbered those drawn by Obama. ¬†It’s going to be different, that’s for sure. Continue reading “Not a Big Sign Guy”

The Best of Mind-Numbing TV


I’m likely to be cited in a scholarly paper- about ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, of all things. ¬†How did this happen, I hear you ask? ¬†During my freshman year in college (Spring semester) I took English 120, Reading and Writing the Modern Essay. ¬†Professor Graham was excellent: she introduced me to non-Charlotte’s Web/Stuart Little E.B. White, who is still one of my favorite essayists, and made us wear adhesive mustaches during one class (I forget of what that was apropos)(I hate dangling prepositions).

Anyway, she posted on Facebook recently (yes, we’re Facebook friends) asking if anyone watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’ And because I was a bit embarrassed have no shame in owning up to my guilty pleasures, I said ‘Maybe a little.’
Pffft. Maybe a little as in I used to watch it every week after riding lessons while having lunch. So she asked me a few questions about it- What I liked, were the accents notable, etc… Continue reading “The Best of Mind-Numbing TV”

Seasons of Yale


I’m in a violently overcrowded class right now (welcome to Cognitive Science of Morality during shopping period) but I’m happy and I’ve had a happy day. ¬†I’m resigned to the fact that if there’s a fire emergency we’ll all go up in flames and smoke.

Maybe I’m feeling content because today, my last first day of classes at Yale, is the beginning and also the end. The beginning of the end.

I’m in class and I have to keep this short, so I think I’ll give a very very very very brief list of my favorite specifically seasonal things at Yale, an idea that just occurred to me now.

University- sponsored fruit-picking trips, often including an outdoor breakfast on the farms. Apple fruits are the most common, but I’ve also picked raspberry fruits and pear fruits.

Horse drawn carriage rides around New Haven and the annual singing of The Messiah at Battell Chapel.

Baby animal petting zoos that come during exam season to relieve student stress.