Favorite ASMRtists

Well, this list will out me for the weird person that I am, if you hadn’t figured it out already. ┬áSo I don’t spend too many words on it, here’s a quick video to answer the question “What the hell is ASMR?”, so you can know as much about it as everybody else and you’re not one of these clueless people living in need without even knowing it.

I’ve been listening to ASMR regularly for about two or three years now, when it kind of grew naturally out of my weird habit of watching videos of people getting massaged on youtube, which itself had grown naturally out of my weird habit of reading yelp reviews of massage placed while I was in middle school and high school. ┬áHonestly I do find it really relaxing and I agree with people who describe it as a ‘massage for your brain.’ If you’re a fan of white noise, I really do recommend checking it out. Continue reading “Favorite ASMRtists”